"Hit me," says Mark Zupan -- begs, actually, like a kid clamoring for a new toy. "I'll hit you back." He means it too, and his ripped pecs and buzzed scalp and tattooed back and arms and bushy gangster goatee promise just as much menace. The dude's bad and doesn't need to say shit for you to take him at his word. Problem is, you might not take him seriously after all, because for the past twelve years, the 30-year-old former Division I college soccer player has been confined to a wheelchair, the result of a night of drinking and driving with a buddy that culminated with his being tossed into a ditch, where he remained for more than thirteen hours, clinging to a branch swarming with red ants that dined on his hand. After a passing motorist discovered him, Zupan was told by docs that his neck was broken and that he'd never walk again, much less kick a soccer ball. Which isn't to say he would never kick... More >>>