Just returned from the wars, Benedick and his pal Claudio have a month to spend in jolly Messina. And what a month it's going to be — Claudio spies his old flame, Hero, and arranges to be married to her by week's end. Benedick supports his friend's choice but loudly eschews any ideas of marriage for himself — he's the original George Clooney: handsome, quick-witted and too strong-willed to tie himself to any aprons. Besides, the only woman Benedick ever interacts with is Beatrice, and theirs is a contentious relationship. Ah, but friends have other plans for Beatrice and Benedick and soon engage in a wily plot to force the two head-strong individuals to realize the love that blossoms underneath the constant sniping. Can Beatrice and Benedick lay down their arms long enough to fall into each other's arms? Can Hero remain faithful to Claudio long enough to get him to the altar? William... More >>>