Caught vandalizing a seaside aquarium, twelve-year-old Jesse is punished with a series of odd jobs at the aquarium. Once a puckish street urchin heading for a life of synthetic drug use and petty skullduggery, Jesse develops a deep trans-species bond with the whale named Willy. During his brief tenure at the aquarium, Jesse manages, incredibly, to teach Willy all the crowd-pleasing tricks that had so far eluded the estimable skills of the aquarium's trainer. But when the big day comes, Willy can't perform. In an Anna Nicole Smith-worthy turn, the aquarium's owner begins to regard Willy as the cetacean equivalent of an aged and affluent cuckold and makes plans to cash in on Willy's life-insurance policy. And here Jesse and his ragtag crew find not only their plot, but also their life's purpose: They... More >>>