In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, survivors had to find a way to go on living. For those who lost someone when the World Trade Towers were attacked, that was a tall order; for the men and women of the city's police and fire departments, who had lost hundreds of extended family members, it was an insurmountable obstacle. And yet their job -- their calling -- required them to carry on even when they felt they couldn't. And the first order of business was often burying their own dead, which compounded the grief and horror. One fire captain was faced with writing eight separate eulogies to honor his comrades, but the emotional burden was too great, and he was paralyzed. A journalist offered her help, and together the captain and the writer discussed who these eight men -- his guys -- were in life. Not as fallen heroes, but as husbands and brothers and sons and friends, with failings and quirks and an unforgettable humanity. Inspired by this story, playwright... More >>>