By the end of Act One, Lala Levy is as mad as hell, and she's not gonna take this any more. Lala's soap-opera life has never been easy. She's a college dropout; boys don't find her attractive. Worst of all, despite her self-proclaimed moxie, Lala has to live in the same house with her accomplished and popular cousin, the aptly named Sunny (Alexandra Woodruff), who's currently excelling at Wellesley. No sooner has Sunny returned home for Christmas vacation than Joe Farkas (Adam Moskal), a good-looking young fellow who works for the girls' uncle, contrives a specious reason to pay a late-night visit to their home. While Lala is off brewing coffee, Joe invites Sunny to Ballyhoo, the social event of the year for young Jews in Atlanta. Lala returns from the kitchen to discover she has been eclipsed... More >>>