You can think of Belgium as the somewhat more reserved, less flamboyant guest at the massive celebrity-thronged party that is pan-European culture. The larger, louder invitees tend to make all the noise; they accrue the general notoriety if that party goes out of bounds. Mention, say, France, Italy or Germany, and any American could easily rattle off list of people, places and things those countries are famous and infamous for. Mention Belgium and you’ll more likely be met with a pause for thought. Not to stint this beautiful country’s myriad achievements and attractions, but one thing you should immediately associate with the Belgians is sublime brewing skills. There, beer is king; to visit this small nation as a hops head is to know true belonging. This weekend you can get a taste of that Flemish beery artistry here at home at the Schlafly Tap Room (2100 Locust... More >>>