Just as social media connects us with the people in our lives (whether we like it or not) it connects us with stories that affect us deeply, for better or worse. If you follow Stray Rescue, Tenth Life, the APA or any other pet rescue organization's efforts on the web, it's easy to have your day derailed with heartbreaking tales of animal abuse (often with devastating photographic evidence). While it's deeply disturbing to be reminded that such heinous acts not only take place in the first place but do so regularly, these posts also serve as a reminder that for every deplorable, abusive monster, there are two saintly heroes ready to answer Fluffy's cries for help and nurse her back to health. But as passionate as these folks may be, they still need help from their community. Which is why each year Stray Rescue invites regional and national artists to paint, photograph or sculpt a likeness of a Stray Rescue pooch who's been neglected... More >>>