Water in all its facets -- flowing, pooling, astonishing us in violent plummets over mountain falls, rearing up to form colossal waves, or just serenely still -- moves us profoundly and always has. It's one of the most universal of human impulses: to make art inspired by water, that elemental necessity. Along with every other branch of the fine arts, musicians of course take water as a muse. You can hear it in rock songs like Hot Tuna's evergreen instrumental, "Water Song," or the Doobie Brothers' lovely ode to the Mississippi, "Black Water." You can chart that channel's run through numberless folk, blues and country standards. And you can certainly hear it in the grand concert hall, as classical composers from the earliest period have written great works hymning water's hold on our psyches. Our own Saint Louis Symphony's Assistant Principal Viola player, Christian Woehr, continues the... More >>>