It's the strangest thing, really. Mr. Night has a small squad of plastic army men performing maneuvers on his desk, and yet no one really remembers when they showed up. One day the forest of empty Coke cans was just an eyesore; the next day it was a well-ordered camp with a solid perimeter. Hell, it took almost a week for him to notice that his bookshelf was manned by three tough-looking dudes armed with bazookas. Sadly, their spotter was flicked behind the cubicle wall by staff photographer Jennifer Silverberg in a fit of pique, and neither he nor his binoculars have been seen since. But that's not the strange thing in question; no, what's strange is that an ill-mannered lout in his late 30s still plays with army men, and that 70 years ago, a huge number of Americans fought and died for... More >>>