When you're on the bottom, you've got nowhere to go but up. At least that's what Sidney thinks. He and his wife, Jane, entertained last Christmas Eve and invited an architect, a banker and their wives over for a party. The celebrations went OK, but the two businessmen weren't so interested in Sidney or investing in Sidney's work (he's a tradesman). Despite this lukewarm evening, the three couples got together again this Christmas Eve, this time at architect Geoffrey's house. His wife, Eva, was none too happy — she attempted suicide a handful of times throughout the night! — and truth be told, Geoffrey's not doing so great either. Fast-forward to next Christmas Eve, at banker Ronald and Marion's house (they're the fanciest of the couples at the start of these holiday parties), and have you got a scene! Marion drinks way too much, the Geoffrey situation has only worsened, and now, Sidney and Jane are the ones on top. Whaddya know about that? But, of course, that's not quite the end of the story. For that you'll have to check out the Theatre Guild of Webster... More >>>