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    September 17, 2014

    Anheuser-Busch Condemns the NFL's Handling of Domestic Violence

    Anheuser-Busch has been the official beer of the NFL since 2011, but that didn't stop the company from making its first statement on the league since the Ray Rice scandal came to light. In an official release, A-B says it is "not yet satisfied" with the NFL's handling of the situation. See also: Ju ... More >>

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    August 25, 2014

    Fan Promises Free Drinks Forever if Michael Sam Sacks Johnny Manziel, Sam Does Twice

    Be careful what you bet on, or you'll have to put your money where your tweet is. Twitter user @SquareKnight made a boldly hyperbolic wager with the world before Saturday's matchup between the St. Louis Rams and the Cleveland Browns.

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    May 21, 2014

    Four Reasons The Rams are Perfect for HBO's Hard Knocks

    There's little chance HBO's camera crews will set foot inside the Rams' Earth City practice facility this offseason. It's a shame. The 2014 Rams would make the perfect subject for the cable channel's annual documentary series Hard Knocks, a program that stands alone in delivering the kind of access- ... More >>

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    May 12, 2014

    Rams Draft Michael Sam, St. Louis Suddenly Cares About Its Football Team Again

    Historic news hit the sports world this weekend when the St. Louis Rams drafted former University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam, making him the first publicly out gay man on a National Football League roster. Sam wasn't drafted until late in the seventh round, the 249th player selected to j ... More >>

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    May 8, 2014
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    January 4, 2013

    Brandon Gibson, The Underrated Ram

    You know, it's a pretty common refrain around Ramsland: this offense just kind of, well, sucks. And I say kind of mostly to be nice. For the last few years, in fact, the Rams have struggled mightily to put together any kind of offensive attack that can consistently put points on the board, or e ... More >>

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    October 25, 2012
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    April 26, 2012

    The Rams' Draft Options: Who Does The Team Take First Tonight?

    The NFL Draft is tonight, coming to you live from New York City. This promises to be one of the least interesting drafts in recent memory, at least at the very top; there is literally no doubt in anyone's minds about who the first two picks will be. The Indianapolis Colts will begin their rebui ... More >>

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    February 7, 2012

    Knock It Out the Park Like Albert Pujols: Top 25 Wale Sports References

    ​Wale is Grandmaster of the sports reference. No musical artist brings as much wit, depth and knowledge to the craft. For instance, in the recently released ode to the former St. Louis baseball hero, "Albert Pujols," Wale slangs this gem: "John Rocker, Atlanta Bravest knows that I'm awesome/ Bett ... More >>

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    January 26, 2012
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    January 23, 2012

    Crab Cake and Heartbreak at BrickTop's

    Ian Froeb"The Crab Cake" at Bricktop's​When I went to bed last night, several hours after my hometown Baltimore Ravens' agonizing loss in the AFC Championship Game, I didn't feel too bad. Wine, Tater Tots (my comfort-food guilty pleasure) and a couple of episodes of Archer had helped to dull t ... More >>

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    December 19, 2011

    The Same Old Story For the Rams

    Bring back the yellow and blues! ​The Rams lost yesterday. I know, nothing new there, right? Well, you think it was nothing new, and you're right, but you may not realize just how right you are. The Rams lost yesterday. In virtually the exact same way they've lost every other game this year. ... More >>

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    December 4, 2011

    Three Keys to Victory: Rams at 49ers

    ​For two teams who were projected to be duking it out at right around .500 for the lead in the NFL West, the Rams and 49ers could not have had much different seasons. San Francisco, led by their first-year coach Jim Harbaugh, has turned into the juggernaut their defensive talent has suggested ... More >>

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    November 10, 2011

    Rams' Center Jason Brown to Ride the Pine

    Jason Brown's new home. (Though, honestly, this bench might be a little nicer than he really deserves.)​The Rams will take on the Cleveland Browns this weekend, looking to rebound from an absolutely crushing loss to the Arizona Cardinals this past Sunday. Of course, that's really nothing new for t ... More >>

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    November 4, 2011

    Three Keys to Victory: Rams at Cardinals

    Fourth thing to watch Sunday: The impressive half-time show.​Hallelujah, the Rams won a game! Oh, and now they have to go out and try to win another one this weekend as they begin divisional play for the 2011 season with a trip out into the Arizona desert. It seems odd to say this about a 1-6 ... More >>

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    October 21, 2011

    Ever Wonder How the Cardinals Got Their Name?

    image viaThe original Cards logo. The team didn't adopt the more familiar birds-on-a-bat until 1922.​Uh, well then, you're not nearly as nerdy as Daily RFT. During a recent game, we came up with four possibilities: 1. The team's early owners were ardent birdwatchers and especially fond of the ... More >>

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    October 18, 2011

    Rams Have Most Expensive Beer in NFL

    Nice mug. Just wish we had the cash to fill it.​Need another reason to complain about your 0-5 St. Louis Rams? Trying swallowing this -- if you can afford it. The Rams have the most expensive beer in all of football, according to Business Insider. The St. Louis club sells its brew for $9 per beer. ... More >>

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    September 30, 2011

    Three Keys to Victory: Rams at Redskins

    ​The St. Louis Rams are in bad shape. Three games in, they have yet to get their first victory of the season, nor have they looked at all good yet in losing. This weekend they welcome in the Washington Redskins to the Edward Jones Dome, who come in with a 2-1 record built on the back of a surprisi ... More >>

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    September 27, 2011

    Ryan Fitzpatrick: Did Rams Let Greatness Go?

    Hey, I totally understand if this is the only thing you know about the town of Buffalo. But there just might be a quarterback with a Rams connection worth paying attention to up there. ​I can't imagine too many Rams fans pay a whole lot of attention to the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo is far away, the B ... More >>

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    September 1, 2011

    Mark Clayton Returns to the Rams

    Mark Clayton happy to be back on Rams.​Well, it took quite a bit longer than I think most expected, but the St. Louis Rams have finally come to terms with wide receiver Mark Clayton. Early in the offseason, even before the lockout began, it seemed a foregone conclusion Clayton would be back f ... More >>

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    August 3, 2011

    Rams: Let's Hope the Season is as Good as Free Agency

    ​Training camp for NFL franchises is well underway, and the most frantic part of free agency is now past. That's not to say there aren't still moves to be made and players to be signed, but the bulk of the important deals have already happened. We can look around and get at least a fair idea of wh ... More >>

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    April 29, 2011

    Winners and Losers On Day One Of the Draft

    ​The first round of the 2011 NFL Draft is in the books, and there's plenty to talk about before round two starts up again tonight. Cam Newton was picked first overall and fellated unceasingly by pretty much everyone with a microphone for the rest of the night. The lockout scared a bunch of teams i ... More >>

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    March 14, 2011

    Jeff Ruby Knows How to Make an Exit

    ​Yes, almost half a year has passed since Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse closed its first and only St. Louis location at River City Casino, but Gut Check remains obsessed with the Cincinnati-based restaurant. Partly because it served the best damned steak we've ever eaten. Partly because its demise was so ... More >>

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    February 3, 2011

    Missouri's Tim Barnes Getting NFL Draft Hype

    The Union Buster, preparing to take a swipe at the NFLPA Game and, possibly, Tim Barnes' future.​Tim Barnes, former center for the Missouri Tigers, is garnering some attention this week as he plays in the NFLPA Game. That's the National Football League Players' Association, better known as the Pla ... More >>

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    January 13, 2011

    Thoughts on Pat Shurmur's Imminent Departure

    Pat Shurmur is expected to be named the Cleveland Browns' next head coach in the very near future.​The announcement is expected to come sometime today that Pat Shurmur, current Rams' offensive coordinator and former Most Hated Man in St. Louis will be the new coach of the Cleveland Browns. (He got ... More >>

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    December 9, 2010
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    October 4, 2010

    The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Rams 20, Seahawks 3

    Ladies and gentlemen, your first place St. Louis Rams. ​Just let that sink in for a minute. First place. Feels good, doesn't it? To have a first place team again on the football field here in St. Louis? You're damned right it feels good. It feels...right. Like all the world is where it's ... More >>

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    September 3, 2010

    Reviewing the Rams' Final Preseason Game

    Hope. (Yes, Sandoval. Still, Hope.)​The Rams finished their preseason schedule on a high note, beating the Baltimore Ravens last night 27-21. I know preseason games don't count, and they very rarely actually translate into real season results, but I'll take fake wins that don't count over no wins ... More >>

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    August 31, 2010

    Five Reasons The Rams Will STAY in St. Louis

    Ignore Chad's Chicken Little impression. The sky is not falling on fans of the St. Louis Rams.While the franchise has already moved three times (from Cleveland to LA in 1945, from LA to Anaheim in 1979 and to St. Louis in 1995) it is definitely going to stay put this time around. Here's why:

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    July 14, 2010
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    May 6, 2010

    Chad Ocho Cinco: Would've Been Perfect Grand Marshal for St. Louis' May 8 Cinco de Mayo

    ​Cinco de Mayo was yesterday, but this year in St. Louis we won't officially celebrate the Mexican holiday until Saturday when Cherokee Street hosts its annual parade and party. Of course, Saturday is not May 5. It's May 8, a.k.a. "Ocho de Mayo", if you speaka da Spanglish.Which has me thinking: W ... More >>

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    April 23, 2010

    Looking Ahead to Day Two of the Draft

    ​In the end, things probably worked out the way they had to in the first round of the draft. The Rams took their quarterback, and all we can hope for now is Sam Bradford turns out to be who they think he'll be. You know, you would think drafting a possible franchise quarterback would have bee ... More >>

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    April 19, 2010

    Dissecting the Rams Draft Deal Discussion

    The scene outside Rams Park, as protesters march against the injustice of giving $45 million to a completely unproven commodity. ​Less than a week from the NFL draft, there's been plenty to talk about lately, particularly the revelations coming from the Cleveland Browns' front office regarding tal ... More >>

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    November 18, 2009
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    March 25, 2009

    The NFL's (Tom) Brady Bill

    So the NFL owners yesterday voted to make the NFL just a little bit shittier. They added four more rules, and modified one other, and I have to say, the modification is the worst of the group. All of the rule changes, of course, deal with the way that players can hit each other. Two are fairly ... More >>

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    January 15, 2009

    Sigh, Go Cards. Go Kurt Warner.

    Friends, I come to you today with a heavy heart. I feel a deep, aching sorrow in my chest, and I fear that nothing in this life will lift this burden from me. This weekend, I am going to do something I thought I would never do. I am going to watch a football game and root for the Arizona Cardinals.

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    December 8, 2008

    Are the Rams the worst team in football? Let the NFL NIT decide.

    "Oh God," the bartender at Nadine's Gin Joint muttered yesterday afternoon. "It's time for the Rams again." Then the boys in blue and gold promptly met everyone in the bar's lowest expectations, getting stomped 34-10 by Arizona, the unlikeliest of NFC West champions. Talk eventually turned to the ... More >>

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    August 18, 2008

    Cleveland Rocks! Week on A to Z

    (Me, with my vintage WMMS T-shirt. 100.7 FM is Cleveland's legendary classic rock/new music station.) I'm a firm believer that you can never truly know a person until you know from whence they come. And as everyone knows, I'm a Cleveland gal, loud and proud, born and raised. I have so much Ohio pri ... More >>

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    May 5, 2008

    Buzz "3 Nights" Bissinger vs. Will "Deadspin" Leitch: Bissinger Eats Crow

    In a wide-ranging and pretty interesting interview at The Big Lead, Buzz Bissinger, author of Tony La Russa hagiography 3 Nights in August, mans up and apologizes for going off on founder (and St. Louis homeboy) Will Leitch. Blogga placata: Buzz "I'm Sorry I Said You're Really Full o ... More >>

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    May 1, 2008

    Buzz "3 Nights" Bissinger vs. Will "Deadspin" Leitch: No Contest

    Sparks flew when three sports mavens with St. Louis connections got together the other night. Bob Costas convened a panel of experts on his show Costas Now to discuss "Internet Media" -- or, more specifically, this newfangled thang we call blogging. The blogga hata in repose: Buzz "You're Really ... More >>

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    May 1, 2008

    Buzz "3 Nights" Bissinger vs. Will "Deadspin" Leitch: No Contest

    Sparks flew when three sports mavens with St. Louis connections got together the other night. Bob Costas convened a panel of experts on his show Costas Now to discuss "Internet Media" -- or, more specifically, this newfangled thang we call blogging. The blogga hata in repose: Buzz "You're Really ... More >>

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    October 30, 2007

    Will the Rams Lose Them All? (Inaugural Edition)

    Now that the Rams' season has progressed from bad to awful to potentially historic depths of abomination, we must confront the question: Is 0-16 likely? Die-hard fans -- and, I imagine, the Rams themselves -- can take comfort in the fact that since the NFL went to a 16-gam ... More >>

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    April 18, 2007