Alexandra Lipsitz

  • Film

    November 11, 2010

    Circus Kids

    1:30 p.m. Sunday, November 21, at the Hi-Pointe

  • Home Entertainment

    August 29, 2007

    They Killed the Dog

    Year of the Dog

  • Film

    March 7, 2007

    Columbia Stories

    Searching for truth at the best film festival in the Midwest.

  • Blogs

    March 2, 2007

    True/False Festival: Dispatch the Second

    Erik Molberg Hansen Filmmaker Eva Mulvad David Dunstedter and Alex Primm want me to look at a tree. Or, rather, a half-tree. Strike that: The tree they want me to see is a 300-pound sculpture, the front covered in rough bark, the back hollowed out. In the hollow is a microphone. St. Louis artis ... More >>

  • Film

    February 28, 2007

    Nothing But the Truth

    Columbia's True/False Festival is the coolest four-year-old in Missouri.