Amelia Earhart

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    September 10, 2014

    R-S Theatrics' "First Lady Suite" Is a Musical in Need of a Presidential Pardon

    If you've ever wondered how Mamie Eisenhower, lonely and a little tipsy on her birthday, responded to the Little Rock Nine crisis, allow playwright Michael John LaChiusa to enlighten you: She traveled back in time, by boat, to confront her philandering husband about his mistress/chauffeur, Kay Summe ... More >>

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    July 17, 2014
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    October 16, 2013

    The Union Electric's Latest EPs Display Depth and Range: Review

    The Union Electric Cover Charge EP/From Bad to Worstward EP ( If done properly, covers records can offer an entry into a band's inner world. Usually more lightweight than a proper album and more passionately curated than a mere list of influences, these collections of ... More >>

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    January 24, 2011

    RFT Reviews of Kevin Kline Nominees‚ÄčThe nomination are out for the 6th annual Kevin Kline Awards honoring the best in St. Louis theater production. Click on the links below to read Riverfront Times' reviews of the nominees. Winners will be announced March 28 at an awards ceremony at the Loretto Hilton. P.S. We w ... More >>

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    March 24, 2010

    St. Louis Stage Capsules

    Dennis Brown and Paul Friswold suss out the St. Louis theater scene

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    March 17, 2010
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    September 3, 2008

    History Lesson

    No textbooks required

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    April 6, 2005

    Fortunate Son

    Sahara has no reason to exist, until you see who made it

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    December 24, 2003

    You Go, Girl

    Game Face captures the emotion of sport

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    February 6, 2002

    Runaway Bride

    Cheryl Jarvis tells married women to hit the road