Arthur C. Clarke

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    June 25, 2014

    Is Ann Leckie the Next Big Thing in Science Fiction?

    Ann Leckie shuffles the stack of rejection letters she has spread across a small wooden table. Seated in an engulfing armchair in the foyer of the Webster University library, the gray-haired 48-year-old peers down at them through a set of bookish, black-framed glasses. She's soft-spoken and almost s ... More >>

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    December 14, 2009

    December 15 Last Day To Buy Intergalactic Property Before Christmas!

    Stew Smith​Attention Earthlings: Is there really any better way to let your loved ones know how much you care than by buying them a piece of intergalactic property? The Lunar Embassy is currently selling one-acre parcels of land on the moon with prime Earth views, for the super-low price of $19.99 ... More >>

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    October 2, 2002

    Sci-Fi High

    It's not just for Trekkers anymore: Archon returns to St. Louis with a tantalizing slate of events

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    September 27, 2000

    The Starship Hits the Fan

    St. Louis gears up for Archon 24

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    August 16, 2000

    Star Trek Starts Here

    Over the moon for the International Space Station

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    May 17, 2000

    People Who Need People

    St. Louis ain't no cow town but it still produces its share of BS