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    March 19, 2012

    The End of SXSW 2012: Too Much Portland to Count and a Little St. Louis

    Friday, March 16, 2012 2:15 p.m. By mid-afternoon the South Congress strip had become a not-quite-debauched Mardi Gras parade of young and old, hip and unhip, crunchy and coiffed, and dogs, lots of dogs, all taking in the food trucks, boutiques, vintage apparel encampments and day parties, lots of ... More >>

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    January 7, 2010

    Interview: The Rambling British Comic Eddie Izzard, Who's at the Fox Theatre Saturday

    Rambling, improvising and eternally absurd actor/stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard certainly keeps himself busy these days, what between releasing his seventh DVD, searching for the perfect U.S. drama series to sink his teeth into and ushering a documentary film about his formative years into theaters. ... More >>

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    March 12, 2009

    Is God Really Dead? Or Did We Make God Up Inside Our Head?

    Just two months ago, President Obama identified non-believers as a legitimate religious group, right up there with Jews and Hindus. But watch out, non-believers! An article in New Scientist claims that you are just deluding yourselves. Human beings are hard-wired to believe in...something.In the pas ... More >>

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    November 21, 2007

    Jellyfish Destroy Salmon Farm

    Wow. (AP) ...[B]illions of jellyfish -- in a dense pack of about 10 square miles and 35 feet deep -- overwhelmed [100,000] fish last week in two net pens about a mile off the coast of the Glens of Antrim, north of Belfast. -Ian Froeb

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    May 16, 2007

    More Shriek Than Shrek

    Pan's Labyrinth

    (New Line)

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    September 14, 2005

    Could Be Verse

    A love story told in iambic pentameter? Yes, and yes again.

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    November 3, 2004

    The Other Season

    Poetry reading ain't baseball, but it's something

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    September 29, 2004

    Best Stage Production

    In a Little World of Our Own

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    April 14, 2004

    Lights! Camera! Life!

    Meet world-renowned documentarians D.A. Pennebaker and Chris Hegedus at Webster University (and see eight of their classic films)

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    November 26, 2003

    Number One With a Bullet

    With In a Little World of Our Own, HotHouse hits the target

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    November 19, 2003

    Violence and Drama in Belfast

    When Irish eyes ain't smilin'

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    January 12, 2000


    Co-written and directed by Alan Parker

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    February 24, 1999