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    February 21, 2013
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    September 18, 2012

    The Cards Come Home Looking for Some Breathing Room

    So, yeah, the Cardinals suck on the road. I mean, like, really suck. Like, dude, they suck. Seriously. By the way, yes, that English degree is totally paying off for me in a big way. Totally. Like, awesomely big time. My degree is as sweet as the Birds are suck on the road. See how I tied that ... More >>

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    July 3, 2012

    The Allen Craig Show: It's Better than the Albert Pujols Hour of Power

    Allen Craig is good at the baseball. We already knew that, of course; he's hitting home runs at a pace of roughly one every 13.5 plate appearances and owns an OPS of 1.046. For his career, that home run pace is one every 18.5 PAs; his wOBA last season was .399, and this year it's .431. Allen Cr ... More >>

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    July 15, 2010

    Five Keys to the Cardinals' Second Half

    Hey, it's a key, it works. (Also a forgotten classic of power pop you should totally pick up if you ever see it like at a yard sale or something.) ‚ÄčThe second "half" of the baseball season kicks off for the Cardinals tonight (and I put "half" in quotes because technically we passed the halfw ... More >>

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    May 13, 2010

    Is McGwire to Blame for Cardinals' Lack of Offensive? The Numbers Don't Suggest It

    So a little over a month into the season, the Cardinals' pitching, particularly the starting pitching, has been absolutely exquisite, while the offense has been, um, let's see...what's the opposite of exquisite? Maybe not the opposite, actually; how about something that's well short of exquisite but ... More >>

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    January 22, 2010

    Rick Ankiel a Kansas City Royal

    ‚ÄčIn the end, I think I'm glad he's gone. No, I won't swear to it. But I think I am. Rick Ankiel was never really here at all, you know. All we saw was a ghost from the past trying to live out the dream it never got in life. A simple spirit, lost and alone with no curveball, trying to mak ... More >>

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    February 26, 2009

    Top 10 Stories about the 2009 St. Louis Cardinals

    Spring training is officially underway, with real, no-foolin' games being played and everything. The beginning of a long, twisty road that leads through summer and into autumn, hopefully ending late in October with a nice, new piece of hardware to add to the trophy case at Busch Stadium.At the very ... More >>

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    November 25, 2008

    Awards Time: The Best of the Cardinals and the Cardinal Blogs

    I've spoken in the past of the United Cardinal Bloggers project, I know. Well, see, it's the time of year when those of us who take part in such things all gather 'round the flickering monitor screen and take a vote. We vote on things large and small, exquisite and banal. And then, when all the vote ... More >>

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    July 11, 2008

    Cardinals at the Crossroads

    You know, so far this season, the new Cardinals GM has led a pretty charmed life. True, John Mozeliak did inherit a mess of a front office at the beginning of his tenure. He did some nice work with that situation, moving quickly to restore harmony and begin healing the rifts between various factio ... More >>

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    February 7, 2001

    The Midas Touch

    Cardinals owner Bill DeWitt Jr. has a knack for making money without risking his own. Meet the guy who wants you to cough up $250 million for a new stadium.

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    July 5, 2000

    Reel Change

    The St. Louis International Film Festival has revamped its organizational structure and enlisted new personnel. Two former programmers aren't impressed with the résumés.

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    April 21, 1999