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    October 3, 2014

    Little Girl Puts Together Cookbook of Governors' Favorite Recipes, Jay Nixon's Is Missing

    In the most adorable school project ever, ten-year-old Lauren Wu of San Carlos, California, decided to create a cookbook with the favorite recipes of all 50 U.S. governors. Not everybody responded, but she put together a book of 26 recipes. One state missing? Our own Missouri. See also: From Michae ... More >>

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    September 18, 2014
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    March 3, 2014

    STL 250 Honors St. Louisan Irma Rombauer and Her Book the Joy of Cooking

    The Joy of Cooking is one of the most influential books of the 20th century and the best-selling cookbook in American history. You probably have it on your shelf, or at least your mom does, and every copy is a little piece of St. Louis history. For our city's 250th birthday celebration, the Missouri ... More >>

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    January 30, 2014
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    August 30, 2013

    The Ten Best Food Events in St. Louis This Weekend: August 30 to September 2

    There are festivals abound this weekend -- it is Labor Day, after all! Take advantage of the end of summer and your day off and spend it outside. Or, just use the halfway point between Mardi Gras as an excuse to eat Cajun food. Read on for our food-themed recommendations. See also: Food of the Fest ... More >>

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    August 23, 2013

    The Ten Best Food Events in St. Louis This Weekend: August 23 to 25

    This weekend, Festival of Nations hits Tower Grove Park, the Royale celebrates its third annual Feast Day with a Balkan theme, Mount Pleasant hosts a Dog Days of Summer event with wine for canines and much more. Read on for our food-themed recommendations.

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    May 21, 2013

    Chef Clara Moore Exceeds Kickstarter Goal for Book Project, Hosts Party Friday, May 24 to Celebrate

    Last month Gut Check reported that chef Clara Moore, former executive chef and regional manager of local grocery and restaurant chain Local Harvest Cafe & Catering, had launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a cookbook and grocery guide with food writer Matt Sorrell. As of this writing the projec ... More >>

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    April 24, 2013

    From Michael Ruhlman to Mom: The Favorite Cookbooks of St. Louis Chefs

    Chef's Choice is Gut Check's regular profile and interview, with recipe, of a St. Louis chef. From time to time we'll present several chefs' answers to one of our regular questions. This week: What is your favorite cookbook? Shopped for a cookbook lately? So many beautiful choices. So many expensiv ... More >>

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    April 18, 2013

    Cannabis Cupcakes Cookbook Giveaway, Right in Time for 4/20 [CONTEST]

    Last year Gut Check offered a 4/20 survival guide, and a list of the six best St. Louis restaurants that deliver delicious munchies to your doorstep. This year, we're giving away one copy of Cannabis Cupcakes: 35 Mini Marijuana Cakes to Bake and Decorate to ensure at least one reader gets baked on ... More >>

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    April 4, 2013

    No, He Meant the Champagne of Beers and Not-Poisoning a Prince of Saudi Arabia: A Q & A with Andrew Jennrich of Farmhaus

    This is part two of Gut Check's Chef's Choice profile of Andrew Jennrich of Farmhaus. Read part one, a profile of Jennrich, here. Part three, a recipe from Jennrich, will be available on Friday. Is it unseemly to be thankful for the financial stresses that others have faced? Of course. So put it ... More >>

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    March 27, 2013

    New Orleans Panache and the Dishwasher Who Imitated the Incredible Hulk: A Q&A with Sassy JAC's Andrew Ladlie

    This is part two of Gut Check's Chef's Choice profile of Andrew Ladlie of Sassy JAC's. Read part one, a profile of Ladlie, here. Part three, a recipe from Ladlie, will be available on Thursday. I wanted to profile Andrew Ladlie of Sassy JAC's (1730 South Eighth Street; 314-932-1280) because I'd e ... More >>

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    February 28, 2013

    Win a Copy of The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Just in Time for Author Deb Perelman's Signing at Left Bank Books This Weekend

    Gut Check sure likes to dine out -- lucky for us, it's in the job description -- but we love to reach into the kitchen drawer to try out a recipe or two, too. More often than not, our cursor clicks over to the Smitten Kitchen cooking and baking blog for some inspiring domestic advice spelled out in ... More >>

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    December 26, 2012

    St. Louis Food Blog Digest, 12.17-12.23

    Gut Check dishes on our favorite St. Louis food blogs. Rhubarb and Honey: Kimberly shared a round-up of Christmas dinner ideas. A Veggie Venture: Alanna made cheesy artichoke nibblers. The Sweets Life: Natalie shared cranberry bran muffins. Eat Write: Judith made mocha glazed macadamia caramel t ... More >>

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    November 9, 2012

    There's a Fifty Shades of Chicken Cookbook, and Here's the Trailer

    I was going to begin this post by saying that given the wild success of the BDSM mommy-porn novel ("novel") Fifty Shades of Grey, it was probably inevitable that there would be a Fifty Shades-themed cookbook -- except NO, it was NOT inevitable, it doesn't even make any SENSE. But it's happened anyw ... More >>

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    November 1, 2012
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    October 12, 2012

    Ten Best Food Events This Weekend: Oct. 12-14

    Friday (Oct. 12): Food Truck Friday @ Tower Grove Park Head to the park (before doing so requires a parka) for the last major food truck fest of the year. Nibble on quick fixes from Papa Tom's Fancy Franks, Le Food Truck, Sarah's Meltdown and more. As always, admission is free--arrive early! 2 to ... More >>

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    August 13, 2012

    St. Louis Food Blog Digest, 8.06-8.12

    Gut Check dishes on our favorite St. Louis food blogs. One Hot Stove: Nupur made roasted red pepper nut pesto . Sounding My Barbaric Gulp: Kelly shared pickled watermelon rind with hibiscus. The Sweets Life: Natalie made caprese burgers. Cupcake Project: Stef shared orange creamsicle cupcakes ... More >>

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    June 14, 2012
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    May 2, 2012

    Devi Gurung States of Everest Cafe, Part 2

    This is part two of Rease Kirchner's Chef's Choice profile of Devi Gurung States of Everest Cafe. Part one can be found here. Part three, a recipe from States, will be published tomorrow. Did your family cook together when you were a child? My mother always cooked. I watched her. I observed her. Nep ... More >>

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    March 22, 2012

    Freshly Snared Barbecued Rabbit and The Hunger Games, Part 2

    This is part two of Gut Check's Dinner and Movie feature of The Hunger Games. Part one, featuring barbecued freshly snared rabbit à la Katniss, was published yesterday, and part three, a Hunger Games giveaway, will be available on Friday. Meet Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), our heroine. Des ... More >>

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    February 27, 2012

    St. Louis Food Blog Digest, 2.20-2.24

    Gut Check dishes on our favorite St. Louis food blogs. Iron Stef: Stef shared salsiccia balls with peppers and polenta. Sweet Art: Amrita made Bischoff bars. Cupcake Project: Stef made apricot couscous cupcakes. The Sweets Life: Natalie shared a recipe for Reese's fudge pie.

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    January 27, 2012

    Gabrielle Hamilton: The Badass Behind Blood, Bones & Butter

    What makes Gabrielle Hamilton's Blood, Bones & Butter stand out so supremely from the pack of shoulda-coulda-wanna been-there-done-that food memoirs? The simple answer is that she's a badass. And a really good writer. Hamilton is the chef/owner of Prune, an intimately idiosyncratic restaurant in Ne ... More >>

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    January 20, 2012

    Bluestem: The Cookbook: Recipe for Pea Soup, Preserved Lemon, Crème Fraîche

    Tonight, Niche (1831 Sidney Street; 314-773-7755) presents the Bluestem Cookbook Dinner, featuring dishes from chefs Megan and Colby Garrelts of Bluestem, a progressive fine-dining establishment in Kansas City, Missouri, that features reinvented regional flavors from the other side of the state. Th ... More >>

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    January 20, 2012

    Meet Chef Megan Garrelts, Co-Author of Bluestem: The Cookbook

    Restaurateurs Colby and Megan Garrelts of Bluestem in Kansas City recently recently released a cookbook outlining their signature seasonally-focused Midwestern dishes. Chef Gerard Craft hosts a special five-course dinner at Niche on Friday, January 20, to properly introduce Bluestem to St. Louis. Gu ... More >>

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    January 18, 2012

    Win a Copy of Bluestem: The Cookbook

    Did you know that each week we send out a newsletter highlighting new restaurants, books, events and classes going on in the St. Louis food world? It's called Tip of the Tongue, and you can subscribe for free right here. Need more incentive? In each week's newsletter we give away something awesome ... More >>

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    December 15, 2011

    The St. Louis Food Lover's Gift Guide: Books

    With a little planning and a couple of cocktails the holidays can go down smoother than a pint of spiked egg nog. Gut Check's assembled a series of guides to help find the perfect present for the food lover in your life while maintaining sanity and investing in your community... and, okay, maybe pic ... More >>

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    November 10, 2011

    St. Louis Natives Put Together a Definitive Guide for Men in the Home Kitchen: The WiseJack Man's Cookbook

    Bill Brady PhotographyJon Harris and Ari Axelbaum, authors of The WiseJack Man's Cookbook.​The Christmas shopping season is coming, and St. Louis natives Jon Harris and Ari Axelbaum have just the thing for the potential male foodie in your life -- The WiseJack Man's Cookbook. Although the book ... More >>

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    November 10, 2011

    The WiseJack Man's Cookbook: Recipe for Shakshukah, or Eggs Poached in Spicy Tomato Sauce

    Gut Check spoke with St. Louis native and co-author Jon Harris about his new book, The WiseJack Man's Cookbook. Here is a sample recipe from his book. Billy Brady Photography​When Jon Harris and long-time friend Ari Axelbaum both left St. Louis to go to college in New York, they realized that ... More >>

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    October 10, 2011

    Your Weekly St. Louis Bestseller List

    Here's your weekly St. Louis bestseller list for the week ending October 2, as compiled by the St. Louis Independent Booksellers Alliance and based on sales at Left Bank Books, Main Street Books, Pudd'nhead Books, Subterranean Books and Sue's News. There are plenty of new titles on this week's adu ... More >>

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    September 21, 2011

    Steve Komorek of Trattoria Marcella, Part 2

    This is part two of Emily Wasserman's Chef's Choice profile of Steve Komorek of Trattoria Marcella. Part one can be found here. Part three, a recipe from Komorek, will be posted on Thursday. Emily Wasserman​Did your family cook together when you were a child? Only professionally. My brother d ... More >>

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    August 19, 2011

    Local Writer Releases Low-Fat Cookbook

    Cheryl HugheyBeyond Bacon Grease, local writer Cheryl Hughey's reduced-fat cookbook​Ballwin-based food writer Cheryl Hughey took a long journey to changing her health through her diet that included going vegetarian and finding ways to lower fat in her favorite recipes. She has chronicled her f ... More >>

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    July 14, 2011

    Interview & Recipe: Maggie McHugh Talks About Recipe Records, Her Rock & Roll Cookbook

    Recipe RecordsMaggie McHugh and Lanea Stagg, co-authors of Recipe Records, in the kitchen.​Music and food make a wonderful pair, and so do Maggie McHugh and Lanea Stagg, co-authors of Recipe Records, a locally released rock & roll themed cookbook featuring easy and tasty recipes inspired by so ... More >>

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    July 5, 2011

    Conservation Department Releases Wildlife-Inspired Cookbook

    Image viaBernadette's Catch-All Muffins​A former publications editor for the Missouri Department of Conservation, Bernadette Dryden sought out the advice of Show-Me State hunters, fishers, nut growers and mushroom foragers to pen a new cookbook that focuses on stuff you can find in your backya ... More >>

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    June 15, 2011

    Reine Bayoc of SweetArt Bakeshop, Part 2

    This is part two of Emily Wasserman's Chef's Choice profile of chef Reine Bayoc of SweetArt. To read part one, click here. Part three, a recipe from Bayoc, will be posted tomorrow.Chrissy WilmesBayoc with some of SweetArt's baked treats​Did your family cook when you were a child? Yes, my mothe ... More >>

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    May 24, 2011

    Bon Appetit, Gwyneth! Eight Bargain-Bin Celebrity Cookbooks

    Bon AppetitGwyneth's back! Not that she ever goes away.​ Oh look. It's Gwyneth Paltrow on the cover of the new issue of Bon Appetit. Because she's everywhere. Acting? Yeah, that's fine. But then there was the singing. And now she's pushing her cookbook, My Father's Daughter and cooking on ev ... More >>

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    May 11, 2011

    Nate Hereford of Niche, Part 2

    This is part two of Katie Moulton's Chef's Choice profile of Nate Hereford of Niche (1831 Sidney Street, 314-773-7755). To read part one, click here. Stay tuned for part three, a recipe from Hereford, which we'll publish tomorrow. Katie MoultonThis man "loves offal." Thankfully, he opted to make En ... More >>

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    April 20, 2011

    Jeff Robtoy of the Bleeding Deacon Public House, Part 2

    This is part two of Chrissy Wilmes' Chef's Choice profile of Jeff Robtoy of the Bleeding Deacon Public House (4123 Chippewa Street; 314-772-1813) in south St. Louis. To read part one, click here. Part three, a recipe from Robtoy, will be published tomorrow. Chrissy WilmesCara Murphy and Jeff Robtoy ... More >>

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    March 2, 2011

    Breast Milk Ice Cream & Six Other Grown-Up Foods Made From Breast Milk

    Ewww, gross! Ice cream made from breast milk! Oh, wait ... maybe that's not so bad. We're mammals. Cows are mammals. The milk's screened to hospital standards. And it's free-range! As long as Mum gets out of the house on occasion. "How can anybody possibly say this is disgusting? If it's good ... More >>

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    February 23, 2011

    Chef Chris Bork of the Mud House, Part 2

    This is part two of Holly Fann's Chef's Choice profile of Chris Bork of the Mud House in south St. Louis. Part one can be found here. Look for part three, a recipe from Bork, on Thursday. Holly FannChris Bork, chef at the Mud House (2101 Cherokee Street; 314-776-6599)​Did your family cook whe ... More >>

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    February 23, 2011

    Battle of the Chunky Soups: Past Meets Present​ What the hell, Chunky Soup? Is anyone falling for your ad campaign pushing people to make quick, "complete" dinners by dumping a can of soup over a plate of mashed potatoes/noodles/rice/biscuits? It's all so very Throwback. Robin WheelerOh shit. It's back.​ Just how much o ... More >>

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    December 3, 2010

    Agi and Aaron Groff of 4 Seasons Baked Goods & Catering, Part 2

    This is part two of Holly Fann's Chef's Choice profile of Agi and Aaron Groff of 4 Seasons Baked Goods & Catering. Part one is available here. Part three, a recipe, can be found here. Holly Fann​Did your family cook when you were a child? Agi Groff: My granny is Hungarian, so we ate a lot of ... More >>

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    November 4, 2009

    Ruth Reichl Pays (Delayed) Visit to St. Louis

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing CompanyReichl​Last month, Ruth Reichl, food writer and editor of Gourmet, was scheduled to visit St. Louis at the behest of Left Bank Books and give a talk at COCA to promote the new cookbook Gourmet Today. That was the week her magazine shut down.Last night, R ... More >>

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    April 30, 2009

    Interview: Flight of the Conchords' Eugene Mirman

    Stand-up, author, actor, filmmaker and comedy-festival curator Eugene Mirman may have a lot on his plate, but the onetime Comedian of Comedy knows it's all about finding a balance, preferably one involving crazy religions and Jethro Tull. He opens for Flight of the Conchords tonight at the Fabulous ... More >>

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    February 25, 2009

    FoodWire: Rick Bayless in St. Louis March 14

    Just learned that noted chef Rick Bayless (Chicago restaurants Topolobampo and Frontera Grill, the PBS show Mexico -- One Plate at a Time with Rick Bayless and numerous cookbooks) will be haivng a book signing Saturday, March 14, at 3 p.m. at the center court of Plaza Frontenac. You can purchase cop ... More >>

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    December 18, 2008

    Gut Check Christmas* Gift Ideas: The Alinea Cookbook

    As part of the Year-End Bonanza, here are some Christmas* gift ideas for the foodie in your life. These are personal favorites, and these posts in no way imply an official RFT endorsement. The makers of these products didn't pay for my "endorsement," either.The Alinea CookbookEven if I restrict the ... More >>

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    September 11, 2008

    Indian Food Expert Raghavan Iyer in Town Next Week

    Author and cooking instructor Raghavan Iyer takes an appetizingly broad view of curry, describing it as "any dish that consists of either meat, fish, poultry, legumes, vegetables or fruits, simmered in or covered with a sauce, gravy or other liquid that is redolent with any number of freshly ground ... More >>

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    April 24, 2008

    Gordon Ramsay's Not-so-Fast Food

    With apologies to Jeanette, Gut Check's resident Gordon Ramsay fan, I had to share this: Slate has a review of Ramsay's new family-friendly cookbook, Gordon Ramsay's Fast Food. Writer Laura Shapiro eviscerates the book, calling b.s. on the notion that Ramsay cooks these meals for his own family and ... More >>

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    February 6, 2008

    Mark Bittman Is Blogging

    The New York Times has launched Bitten, a new food blog written by Mark Bittman. Bittman writes "The Minimalist" column for the Times' weekly dining section and has written or co-written numerous cookbooks, including How to Cook Everything and How to Cook Everything Vegetarian. Go check it out. -Ia ... More >>

  • Dining

    October 16, 2002

    Italian for Beginners

    Café Napoli's popularity is baffling

  • Dining

    November 29, 2000

    Side Dish

    Even working chefs aren't immune to the lure of those celebrity-chef cookbooks

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