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    February 14, 2013
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    May 31, 2012

    Negative Approach

    7 p.m. Wednesday, June 6. Fubar, 3108 Locust Street.

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    June 13, 2011

    F-Bombs Get Man Tossed From Plane After KC Wedding

    Luckily the attendants on this flight didn't have such virgin ears.​A fella flying home to New York City from a wedding in Kansas City says he was ejected from his flight after he complained in a tirade that would earn an R-rating.The Detroit Free Press reports that Robert Sayegh was on a layover ... More >>

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    February 14, 2011

    Interview: Ms. Bee of B.O.S. On Recording With Ginuwine and Being A Female Rapper in the Local Scene

    B.O.S. is a relatively new local hip-hop collective with an impressive repertoire. Rebecca Plasencia (a.k.a. Ms. Bee), Olivier Jean-Joseph (a.k.a. Oli) and Michael Naylor (a.k.a. $leepytime) joined forces as B.O.S. in 2009. In that short time, the group has already performed across the country, open ... More >>

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    December 30, 2010
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    November 3, 2010

    Bring on the Sad Meals - San Francisco Outlaws Fast Food Toy Giveaways

    Sorry kids, but San Francisco has outlawed fast-food toy giveaways. Reuters reports that the city's Board of Supervisors passed the law on Tuesday, making them the first U.S. city to pass a law - not just an ordinance - banning the toys. Toy giveaways stop on December 1. NPR visits with Lisa Johan ... More >>

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    September 7, 2010

    St. Louis: Nation's 5th Most-Stressful City

    Shh. Don't tell Corle 2 Da.​Another week another survey ranking the livability of the nation's cities. This one from that's out with a new poll of America's most stressful cities. Coming in at No. 5 is St. Louis with a stress index of 4.737. The most stressful city? Detroit. (They al ... More >>

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    June 12, 2010

    Show Review: Detroit Cobras, Those Darlins, JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound Bring the Sound of Young America to Twangfest, Friday, June 11

    Todd OwyoungThose Darlins at Off Broadway, 11/12/09​The local American music festival Twangfest is now in its fourteenth year. Long past its adolescence and its awkward phase, the booking for the four-night showcase shows that its teenage years are both classically minded and musically adventu ... More >>

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    March 23, 2010

    The Morning Brew: 3.23

    ​The James Beard Foundation announced its 2010 finalists yesterday. This is the twentieth year the organization has recognized chefs, food professional and food writers. Locally, Gerard Craft of Niche made the cut. ( Detroit-area kosher food bank Yad Ezra sees increase in need for Pa ... More >>

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    March 10, 2010
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    January 6, 2010

    The Morning Brew: Wednesday, 1.6

    ​ New food trend for vegetarians - eating meat. (Newsweek)Detroit's industrial wasteland turning into farmland. (Chicago Tribune)Fishermen lost at sea a reminder of the hard life of commercial fishing. (Newport News Daily Press)Florida beer delivery company celebrates first anniversary. (St ... More >>

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    December 31, 2009

    Show Review Setlist: Electric Six at the Firebird, December 30

    Although the club wasn't lucky enough to nab Electric Six for the actual holiday, the Firebird scored big by getting the Detroit sextet to play on New Year's Eve Eve. The group's funky synths and churning hard-rock guitars combine with frontman Dick Valentine's uproarious lyrics and cocky delivery t ... More >>

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    December 30, 2009


    7 p.m. Thursday, December 31. Fubar, 3108 Locust.

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    December 23, 2009

    Electric Six

    9:30 p.m. Wednesday, December 30. The Firebird, 2706 Olive Street.

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    December 14, 2009

    The Morning Brew: Monday, 12.14

    ​ Sagging fast-food market leads to upcoming gimmicks including new value menus and "shower babes". (Detroit Free-Press, The Business Insider)Woman gets probation for smuggling monkey meat. (Associated Press)PBR, hipsters, and the economics of cheap beer in an economic downturn. Elsewhere, V ... More >>

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    November 16, 2009

    Sponge Playing a New Year's Eve Show at Fubar

    The varied reactions to the news that Detroit rockers Sponge are playing a New Year's Eve show at Fubar have surprised me -- on Twitter, they've ranged from, "Hell yes!" to "What year is it again?" to "'Plowed' is such a great song!" Who knew the band would still hit a nerve? Growing up in Clevela ... More >>

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    August 27, 2009

    The Morning Brew: Thursday, 8.27

    ​ Baby scorpion in McDonald's bag - accident, hoax, or the new Unhappy Meal? (Phoenix New Times)Cheap beer is about to get more expensive. (Bloomberg)Move over, ice cream man. Detroit's starting a produce truck program. (Detroit Free Press)Are you not getting enough caffeine? Maybe it's time ... More >>

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    April 21, 2009

    Video: Superchunk, "Detroit Has a Skyline" at Coachella

    With all this talk about withering Midwest cities and all, here's something positive associated with one: Superchunk live at Coachella performing a blistering version of "Detroit Has a Skyline." Awesome song, awesome lyrics, blazing performance. Tour, dammit!

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    April 1, 2009

    Champions of Breakfast

    8:30 p.m. Sunday, April 5. The Firebird, 2706 Olive Street.

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    March 4, 2009


    8 p.m. Friday, March 6. Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center, 3301 Lemp Avenue.

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    September 17, 2008

    Detroit Cobras

    9 p.m. Saturday, September 20. Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue.

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    August 28, 2008
  • Blogs

    July 24, 2008
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    July 16, 2008

    A Novel Idea

    Gettin' loud at the library

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    June 25, 2008

    Wolf Eyes

    8 p.m. Thursday, June 26. 2 Cents Plain, 1114 Olive Street

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    December 12, 2007

    Meet us in St. Louis, Mexicans

    The Mexican takes a look at the biggest cities in the U.S. with the smallest Mexican communities.

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    December 2, 2007
  • Music

    August 22, 2007

    The Detroit Cobras

    8 p.m. Monday, August 27. Creepy Crawl, 3524 Washington Boulevard.

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    August 8, 2007

    The Download

    The Go: Supercuts

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    May 2, 2007


    9 p.m. Tuesday, May 8. Blueberry Hill's Duck Room (6504 Delmar Boulevard, University City).

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    March 28, 2007

    The Hard Lessons

    7 p.m. Wednesday, April 4. Creepy Crawl (3524 Washington Boulevard).

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    January 17, 2007

    Last of the V8s

    10 p.m. Saturday, January 20. Way Out Club (2525 South Jefferson Avenue).

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    November 8, 2006

    The Silent Years / Troubadour Dali / Brandy Johnson

    9 p.m. Tuesday, November 14. Cicero's (6691 Delmar Boulevard, University City).

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    July 26, 2006

    Bee True

    From wowing locals to impressing P. Diddy, rapper Rebecca "Bee" Plasencia is on her way

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    June 28, 2006

    Stars and Bars

    Slumber Party's Aliccia B.B. goes it alone, while B-Sides gives good Download and makes a mix of anti-patriotic songs

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    April 5, 2006

    Ambulance LTD

    New English EP (TVT)

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    March 8, 2006

    The Deadstring Brothers

    Thursday, March 9, at 9 p.m. Off Broadway (3509 Lemp Avenue)

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    February 1, 2006


    Saturday, February 4; the Billiken Club (20 North Grand Boulevard)

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    November 16, 2005

    The High Strung

    Saturday, November 19; the campus of Saint Louis University (20 North Grand Boulevard)

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    October 12, 2005

    The Fags

    Wednesday, October 12; the Creepy Crawl (412 North Tucker Boulevard)

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    July 20, 2005

    Sufjan Stevens

    Illinois (Asthmatic Kitty)

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    August 4, 2004

    The Waxwings

    Friday, August 6; Rocket Bar

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    July 28, 2004

    Blasts from the Past

    Recent compilations unearth a secret history of the United States of Funk

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    August 20, 2003

    Panic in Detroit

    Saturday, August 23; Rocket Bar

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    March 26, 2003

    Austin City Limits

    The Living Things were the living end at South by Southwest

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    February 12, 2003

    DJ Assault with Bitch Ass Darius

    Friday, February 14; Lo

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    February 7, 2001

    Assault Charge

    DJ Assault makes his St. Louis debut this weekend, bringing his raw and funky Detroit techno to the Lovetronic party

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    August 16, 2000
  • Film

    August 11, 1999


    Directed by Adam Rifkin

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    January 20, 1999

    Wheel Be Seeing You

    A first-timer's guide to this year's auto show

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