Georgia Hubley

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    February 1, 2013

    Yo La Tengo - The Pageant - 1/31/13

    While Georgia Hubley sang "Cornelia & Jane," last night at the Pageant I thought about her band's Twitter handle, @therealYLT, and wondered if I expected to see the real Yo La Tengo or my imaginary "best live band ever" version of the group constructed of only the most exciting scraps of its 29-year ... More >>

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    January 29, 2013

    Yo La Tengo's Six Best Cover Songs

    Legendary Hoboken, New Jersey indie rock trio Yo La Tengo is gracing the Pageant with its presence this Thursday, January 31. The band is notoriously unpredictable live, in part thanks to its virtual encyclopedia of cover songs. Here is a list of Yo La Tengo's six best cover songs. Let us know your ... More >>

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    January 22, 2013

    The Six Best Sloppy Drummers

    Of all rock and roll instruments, drums require the most physical ability and coordination. Sometimes musicians get so preoccupied with the technical aspect, they forgot that drums are also these loud things that sound cool when you hit them. Here are the six best sloppy drummers. Let us know your f ... More >>

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    June 21, 2011

    Yo La Tengo at The Blue Note, 6/20/11: Review and Setlist

    Photo from a previous show by Kiernan Maletsky​Yo La Tengo The Blue Note June 20, 2011 Should the New Jersey Rock & Roll Hall of Fame ever become a brick-and-mortar reality, Yo La Tengo had better have a wing to rival Springsteen's. For more than a quarter of a century now (and close to 20 y ... More >>

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    January 25, 2010

    Show Review Setlist: Yo La Tengo at the Pageant, Sunday, January 24

    Annie ZaleskiIra Kaplan of Yo La Tengo at the Pageant, 1/24/10​ Yo La Tengo fandom is a labor of love. The adventurous diversity which makes the band's albums so captivating also wreaks havoc on its consistency. Never is this more apparent than in the live setting, where the group lives and d ... More >>

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    January 20, 2010
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    April 20, 2005

    Here Comes the Ocean

    Yo La Tengo creates "The Sounds of Science" at Webster University

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    May 14, 2003

    Yo La Tengo

    Summer Sun (Matador)

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    October 18, 2000

    The Sixths

    Hyacinths and Thistles

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    March 29, 2000

    Yo La Tengo with Quickspace

    Thursday, March 30; Firehouse