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    November 21, 2014

    The Best Food Events in St. Louis This Weekend: November 21 to 23

    Despite the snow last weekend, it's not going to be too freezing the next few days -- so get out and enjoy it. You'll also be holed up with your family next weekend. We're most excited about all the whiskey-related events surrounding Whiskey in the Winter. We can't think of a better way to warm up. ... More >>

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    November 7, 2014

    #58: Panorama's Croque-Madame

    When chef Ivy Magruder took over the kitchen at Panorama (1 Fine Arts Drive; 314-655-5490), the restaurant was -- to put it kindly -- not doing so well. Plagued by a series of bad reviews, financial troubles and guest complaints, the Saint Louis Art Museum knew it had to completely reinvent its less ... More >>

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    October 24, 2014

    Critic's Notebook: Panorama's Retooled Brunch

    One has to hand it to Ivy Magruder and David Marshall. The chef and general manager, respectively, had quite a job ahead of them when they took over the Saint Louis Art Museum's struggling restaurant, Panorama (1 Fine Arts Drive; 314-655-5490). Plagued by terrible reviews, bad press and financial di ... More >>

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    October 22, 2014

    SLAM Dunk: The St. Louis Art Museum's Restaurant Revamp is a Success

    Panorama (One Fine Arts Drive; 314-655-5490) 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Tues.-Thurs. 11 a.m.-2 p.m. and 5-8:30 p.m. Fri. 11 a.m.-2 p.m. Sat. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Sun. (Closed Mon.) Within its first few months of existence, the Saint Louis Art Museum's new restaurant, Panorama, acquired as much tarnish as a Bronze ... More >>

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    August 28, 2014

    Panorama's Art at the Table Launches a New Era for the Art Museum (PHOTOS)

    Ivy Magruder came on as the executive chef at Panorama (1 Fine Arts Drive; 314-721-0072) in May after a stint at Gamlin Restaurant Group and running Vin de Set for years. Panorama launched at the Saint Louis Art Museum in July 2013 but struggled to garner the same recognition as the Missouri History ... More >>

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    August 8, 2014

    Panorama Launches New Menu and Cocktail Program

    Panorama (1 Fine Arts Drive; 314-721-0072), the new(ish) restaurant at the Saint Louis Art Museum made waves in May when it snagged chef Ivy Magruder from Gamlin Restaurant Group. He debuted his new menu and cocktail program at Panorama on Tuesday. See also: Chef Ivy Magruder on Whiskey, the Next B ... More >>

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    May 29, 2014

    Food Wine Design Culinary Week Celebrates Three of Our Favorite Things

    You already know we love food. We also love wine. But did you know we love design? The three actually go pretty well together, and all next week they'll be combined in one delicious package. The best chefs in St. Louis are getting together for St. Louis' Food Wine Design event next week. And when we ... More >>

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    May 15, 2014

    Ivy Magruder Leaves Gamlin Restaurant Group for Panorama

    Gamlin Restaurant Group has just announced corporate executive chef Ivy Magruder's resignation. In the interim, their portfolio of restaurants -- Sub Zero Vodka Bar, Gamlin Whiskey House, Taha'a Twisted Tiki -- will be run by Gamlin Whiskey's chef de cuisine Gilberto Espinosa and Sub Zero kitchen ma ... More >>

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    March 24, 2014

    Chef Ivy Magruder on Whiskey, the Next Big Local Chef and Secret Nocturnal Behavior

    If the St. Louis food community gave out an award for "Mr. Congeniality," Ivy Magruder would be the hands-down winner. The Gamlin Whiskey House (236 North Euclid Avenue; 314-875-9500) chef may work at hip whiskey bar, but he is the kind of guy who's more comfortable chatting about his kids. "We're ... More >>

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    January 16, 2014

    Critic's Notebook: Gamlin Whiskey House's Ivy Magruder on How to Cook with Whiskey

    Chef Ivy Magruder wasn't always a whiskey aficionado. "My dad was a Jack [Daniels] guy, and I was more of the shot of Jameson on St. Patrick's Day kind," he says. A lot has changed, then, as Magruder solidifies his whiskey street cred as the culinary force behind Gamlin Whiskey House (236 North Eu ... More >>

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    January 14, 2014

    Review Preview: Gamlin Whiskey House

    Brothers Lucas and Derek Gamlin of SubZero Vodka Bar fame turn their sights to whiskey and steaks at Gamlin Whiskey House (236 North Euclid Avenue; 314-875-9500). Bourbons, Scotches, ryes and whiskeys, served in every way imaginable, are the name of the game, but there's more to Gamlin than the booz ... More >>

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    December 3, 2013

    First Look: Gamlin Whiskey House Juxtaposes Cool Cocktails with Hot Bourbon-Infused Food

    When it comes to whiskey, Gamlin Whiskey House (236 North Euclid Avenue; 314-875-9500) doesn't mess around. Upon entering the Central West End restaurant, guests are greeted and seated by a friendly host who grabs one of several specially-etched wooden boxes off of a wall containing dozens of identi ... More >>

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    October 15, 2013

    Gamlin Whiskey House Debuts Whiskey Sommelier and Tastings in Central West End

    Gamlin Whiskey House (236 North Euclid Avenue; 314-875-9500) is set to open its doors Monday, October 21, in the Central West End, in the building that formerly housed Jim Fiala's Liluma. The whiskey-focused restaurant comes to us from Gamlin Restaurant Group, a.k.a. brothers Lucas and Derek Gamlin, ... More >>

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    September 23, 2013

    Ivy Magruder Takes Over As Gamlin Restaurant Group's Corporate Executive Chef

    As Lucas and Derek Gamlin gear up to unveil the new Gamlin Whiskey House and Taha's Twisted Tiki, they've named Ivy Magruder as corporate executive chef for the Gamlin Restaurant Group, which also owns Sub Zero Vodka Bar (308 North Euclid Avenue; 314-367-1200). The Gamlins put out a press release Fr ... More >>

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    April 25, 2013

    Vin de Set Partners with Bob's Seafood for a Fresh Fish Market Every Thursday

    Land-locked pescatarians and seafood lovers rejoice -- Vin de Set's (2017 Chouteau Avenue) Fresh Fish Market returns for a second year with saltwater treasures straight off the boat from the coast. Every Thursday from now through the fall, head to the rooftop European style open-air market to choo ... More >>

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    March 8, 2013

    Vin de Set Hosts Fifth Annual Oysters Five Ways Festival Sunday, March 10

    Vin de Set (2017 Chouteau Avenue; 314-241-8989) hosts its fifth annual Oysters Five Ways Festival at 4 p.m. on Sunday, March 10. The restaurant has flown in 1,400 Penn Cove Pacific oysters, and head chef and general manager Ivy Magruder tells Gut Check he and his kitchen staff are armed and ready to ... More >>

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    November 7, 2011

    The Kitchens are Alive with the Sound of Music

    Image via​After a recent lunch at a Chinese hog trough buffet where we were lulled into stupor by the gentle tones of "Rock-a-Bye-Baby" on the sound system and one too many sticks of chicken meat, we've been thinking a lot about music and food. Turns out we're not the only ones. Around the s ... More >>

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    August 9, 2011

    St. Louis Chefs Are an Educated Lot

    Chrissy WilmesChris Williams of Franco studied at the Culinary Institute of America in New York.​Last week Eater asked chefs if they thought culinary school was worth the time and expense for aspiring chefs. The answer was a resounding "probably not." The discussion made us wonder how well-e ... More >>

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    June 9, 2011

    This Week's Tip of the Tongue Newsletter

    ​Gut Check not providing enough dining tidbits for you? Consider subscribing to Tip of the Tongue, the Riverfront Times' weekly e-mail dining newsletter. This week, we let you know about opportunities to eat some great food for a great cause as well as where you can take cheese-making classe ... More >>

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    June 9, 2011

    Ivy Magruder of Vin de Set: Recipe for Bouillabaisse

    This is part three of Amanda Woytus' Chef's Choice profile of chef Ivy Magruder of Vin de Set. Part one can be found here. Part two, a Q&A with Magruder, is published here.Amanda WoytusVin de Set's bouillabaisse​If you eat one thing on Vin de Set's (2017 Chouteau Avenue; 314-241-8989 or ... More >>

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    June 7, 2011

    Ivy Magruder of Vin de Set

    This is part one of Amanda Woytus' Chef's Choice profile of chef Ivy Magruder of Vin de Set. Part two, a Q&A, will be posted tomorrow, and part three, a recipe from Magruder, will be published on Thursday. Amanda WoytusChef Ivy Magruder welcomes you into his magical kingdom, Vin de Set.​When ... More >>

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    January 15, 2009

    PETA Honors St. Louis' Match Meats

    Match Meats, a St. Louis-based company specializing in vegan meat alternatives, received national kudos this week. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) named Match Meats "Best Food-Service Innovation" in its sixth annual Proggy Awards. The Proggies honor businesses, products and indivi ... More >>

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    June 18, 2008
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    August 31, 2007
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    September 6, 2006

    Ready, Set?

    Lafayette Square gets a brand-new bistro -- or does it?

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    February 4, 2004

    Thank You and Here's My Address

    Food, ambiance, service: Everything adds up at Eleven Eleven Mississippi