John O'Hearn

  • Culture

    August 29, 2001

    Modern Primitives

    A future-world reading of Macbeth by St. Louis Shakespeare recontextualizes a classic

  • Culture

    July 25, 2001

    Identity Card

    (Mostly) Harmless Theatre's Fuddy Meers wrestles with identity, communication and trust, and the result is a strange and often funny farce

  • Culture

    November 22, 2000

    Pop Fiction

    Popcorn takes on the topic of Hollywood violence in a hilarious but none-too-gentle way

  • Culture

    August 9, 2000

    Word Plays

    Works by two masters of verbal gymnastics receive entertaining treatments this week in St. Louis

  • Culture

    April 12, 2000

    Resident Alien

    By Stuart Spencer (West End Players Guild)

  • Culture

    August 4, 1999


    By Arthur Miller (St. Louis Shakespeare Company)