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    October 2, 2014

    Nas: A New Doc Looks Back on Illmatic and One of Hip-Hop's Finest Living Lyricists

    One rhyme in particular crystallizes the genius of Nas' 1994 classic, Illmatic. It comes in the song "One Love," which takes the form of a letter to a friend in prison: "Congratulations, you know you got a son," Nas raps. "I heard he looks like ya, why don't your lady write ya?" Did you get that? I ... More >>

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    September 4, 2014

    The 10 Most Memorable Hip-Hop Albums From 1994

    A lot of electrons have been spent this year on commemorating rap albums that came out in 1994. That's for two reasons: 1994 was twenty years ago, and twenty is a nice round number. Oh, and also, a ton of rap albums that came out that year were amazing. Here are our ten favorites.

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    January 22, 2013

    Quick Questions: Tef Poe Talks to the Creative Minds Behind Hitmakers Basement Beats

    Editor: Tef Poe is an artist from St. Louis City. Through powerful imagery and complicated honesty, he has earned a reputation as one of the best rappers telling the story of St. Louis, which is about much more than one place. Poe has been featured in music publications such as XXL and Urb Magazine. ... More >>

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    August 5, 2011

    Phife Dawg Heads to the Tivoli Tonight For A Tribe Called Quest Documentary

    ​Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest will be making an appearance at the Tivoli Theatre tonight in support of the premiere of Michael Rapaport's documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life. Phife Dawg will introduce Beats, Rhymes & Life and host a Q & A session after the 7:30 p.m. showing.

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    October 25, 2006

    MF Grimm

    American Hunger (Day by Day)

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    February 22, 2006

    Large Professor

    Friday, February 24 at 7 p.m. at Vintage Vinyl (6610 Delmar Boulevard, University City)

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    April 3, 2002

    Fighting the Power

    Rapper Nas steps back into the ring, fists flying

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    March 3, 1999