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    March 24, 2010

    Lorenzo Romar: The Sweet 16 Coach SLU Let Slip Away

    Image via the Seattle Times These nets could've been yours, St. Louis​Full disclosure: The author is a graduate of the University of Washington, a four-year member of the school's student rooting section the Dawg Pack (aka Romarville) and one of the most rabid Husky fans on the planet. Now ... More >>

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    January 21, 2009

    Former SLU Coach Lorenzo Romar Helps Fly Tuskegee Airman to Inauguration

    There's a sweet story on ESPN's Page 2 about two former St. Louisans. Eighty-four-year-old George Hickman grew up in St. Louis in the 1930s. During World War II, Hickman joined the Tuskegee Airmen -- the all African-American division of the Army Air Corps. Later on Hickman got a job with Boeing and ... More >>

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    October 17, 2007

    Big Man on Campus

    Sit back and marvel as Rick Majerus hoists SLU basketball from the morass of mediocrity. (Just don't let him near your pizza.)

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    September 24, 2003

    Best Coach

    Brad Soderberg
    St. Louis University

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    January 1, 2003

    Import Duty

    A former pro basketball player from Israel has to be bigger, stronger and faster for the American college game

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    December 4, 2002

    Feed the Beast

    Everybody wants Hazelwood Central's Kalen Grimes and St. Louis' junior class of hoopsters. But recruiting in the city is a courtship dance and a high-maintenance affair.

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    March 15, 2000

    Chartering a Course Through Murky Waters

    Charter-school proponents are paddling as fast as they can; plus, other St. Louis follies and foibles

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    March 31, 1999
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    March 31, 1999