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    May 16, 2014

    St. Louis Fast Food Workers Join Global Strike to Demand Living Wage

    Some people might be tired of hearing about them, but as long as they continue to get paid low wages, fast food workers say they'll keep protesting-- and on Thursday, their actions went global. Spearheaded by the Service Employees International Union, the largest fast food worker strike ever took p ... More >>

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    July 30, 2013

    Fast Food Strike Expands to East St. Louis

    Fast food workers walked off their jobs July 29 to protest low wages and the inability to unionize. This morning, the strike is extending to East St. Louis, West County and continuing downtown later this afternoon. See also: - St. Louis Fast Food Workers Walk Off the Job (Again) - St. Louis Fast-Fo ... More >>

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    July 29, 2013

    St. Louis Fast Food Workers Walk Off the Job (Again)

    St. Louis fast-food workers are walking off the job Monday, July 29, in a 24-hour strike to protest low wages. Headed by STL735 ("Can't survive on $7.35"), around 100 workers from McDonald's, Wendy's, Burger King, White Castle, Jimmy John's, Papa Johns, Arby's and more are expected to strike this af ... More >>

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    May 9, 2013

    St. Louis Fast-Food Workers Protest for Better Pay, Right to Organize

    Rasheen Aldridge had just finished working the lunch rush at the Jimmy John's in Soulard when he says his manager handed him a hand-written sign and asked that he hold it while he snapped a photo. The sign's message? "I made three wrong sandwiches."

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    August 22, 2001


    Week of August 22, 2001

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    December 1, 1999


    An intense study of the mechanics of hate gets a staged reading by the New Jewish Theatre