Michael Crichton

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    September 16, 2009
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    December 19, 2006

    Tissue Issue Dr. William J. Catalona Earlier this month Missouri's Eighth District Circuit Court heard prostate surgeon William J. Catalona's appeal against his former employer, Washington University . As described by Bruce Rushton in his November 2003 feature, "Gland of Opportunity," ... More >>

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    November 26, 2003

    Film Openings

    Week of November 26, 2003

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    September 3, 2003

    Breakfast of Champions

    He scaled an intellectual Everest at age twelve. What's he like at sixteen? Meet George Thampy.

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    March 19, 2003

    Dense King

    There's more to Stephen King's Dreamcatcher than fits in its confusing film adaptation

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    July 18, 2001

    Leapin' Lizards!

    The dinosaurs are jumping, but the story isn't, in Jurassic Park III

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    May 3, 2000

    Female Trouble

    Historyonics' Ahead of Her Time: Four Women in the Twentieth Century and the Washington University Performing Arts Department's Gitanjali are similarly flawed