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    August 27, 2014

    The Video Music Awards Completely and Unfairly Snubbed Stitches

    This past Sunday, MTV aired the highly anticipated 31st installment of its Video Music Awards. Always an unpredictable and raucous night, there was unfortunately a black cloud looming over the entire telecast owing to the complete and total snubbing of Florida rapper Stitches.

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    March 13, 2014

    Tragedy Hangs Over SXSW After Two Days of Music

    Some facts as I know them at deadline: Two are dead and dozens are injured after a high speed chase along Red River Street. in downtown Austin, Texas last night. After being pulled over by police for a suspected DWI, the vehicle sped off against traffic, crashed through a barricade and plowed throug ... More >>

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    November 6, 2012

    The Six Best Songs About Ohio

    If you are a human with access to the news, you are probably sick of hearing about Ohio, the swing state that will likely determine the shape of today's Presidential election. Luckily, Ohio sounds better out of some musician's mouths than it does coming out of Rush Limbaugh's. Here are the six best ... More >>

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    October 9, 2012

    The Six Best Diss Tracks

    This month, you won't be able to watch an episode of "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" without seeing a half-dozen attack ads. The music world doesn't have attack ads, it has diss tracks. In honor of the onslaught of negativity in our political process, here are the six best diss tracks of all time. Let us ... More >>

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    September 13, 2012

    Tributes and Tribulations

    Art and life co-habitate, informing, imitating, and enriching each other constantly. Each week in Better Living Through Music, RFT Music writer Ryan Wasoba explores this symbiotic relationship Last week, RFT Music's Jamie Lees wrote an op-ed piece entitled The Problem With An Under Cover Weekend. I ... More >>

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    August 28, 2012

    The Six Best Songs About The Moon For Neil Armstrong

    If you find yourself in this corner of the Internet, it is safe to assume you heard about Neil Armstrong's passing. If not, sorry you had to hear it this way. In honor of Earth's first lunar visitor, here are the six best songs about the moon. Let us know your favorites in our comments section (a pl ... More >>

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    May 22, 2012

    Six Most Overused Rhymes

    You've been there, listening to a song for the first time, hearing the word at the end of one lyric and thinking "please don't end the next line with (insert predictable rhyme here)." Of course, nine out of ten times, the internalized wish is futile. Nobody expects songwriters to reinvent the wheel ... More >>

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    February 9, 2012

    This Weekend, Catch Live Music at...Schnucks?

    The check out at the Schnucks in Richmond Heights is a gridlock six carts deep and ten lanes wide. The soundtrack is a chorus of bar-code beeps. But if you walk away from the registers, toward the expansive produce section, the mood shifts. The lights are softer, the ceiling higher and what you hear ... More >>

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    February 1, 2012

    The 33 1/3 Series is Accepting Submissions

    ​Earlier this month, Spin announced that it is moving most of its album reviews to Twitter. Music writing is getting shorter, not longer, and yet the 33 1/3 Series, which has the gall to publish entire books on albums that aren't even current, soldiers on. There are 85 installments in print n ... More >>

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    June 23, 2011

    "Free Bird" is Actually, Seriously a Great Song

    wikimedia commons​The extraneous requesting of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" is one of the longest running jokes in rock and roll history. It also ranks among the least funny. Each time a lazy heckler yells "Free Bird" at a rock band, a lose-lose situation results. The band is mocked and the he ... More >>

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    May 12, 2011

    Nashville's Amelia White: Considerably More Neil Young than Taylor Swift

    courtesy of the artist​Amelia White, who will be playing at Off Broadway with Sam Knutson on Sunday, is an enveloping singer and a prolific songwriter (she runs her own small song publishing company and has co-written for artists like Tony Furtado, Anne McCue, Molly Thomas, Stephanie Schneider ... More >>

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    April 1, 2011

    The Ten Best Things To Do This Weekend in St. Louis: April 1-3

    ​No April Fool's Day jokes here. Just good shows to see this weekend. More stuff over at the RFT's main music page. Friday Shagy Kennedy Memorial Show @ Fubar All details about the celebration/memorial show are at Diana Benanti's post about the Everything Went Black guitarist. What Happened ... More >>

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    February 15, 2011

    Bonnaroo 2011 Lineup: Buffalo Springfield, Eminem, Arcade Fire and Lil Wayne(?!)

    ​We here in St. Louis are lucky to get spillover from a few of the summer festivals. The first of these, Bonnaroo, just announced its 2011 lineup -- and there are some tantalizing wishlist potentials in the list. The biggies are Eminem, Arcade Fire, Widespread Panic, The Black Keys, Buffalo Sp ... More >>

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    December 14, 2010

    Top Sellers at Area Record Stores: Week of December 6-12, 2010

    * = local, = coming to town ​Vintage Vinyl 1. T.I.---No Mercy 2. KANYE WEST---My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 3. CHARLIE WILSON---Just Charlie 4. ERIC BENET---Lost In Time* 5. QUINCY JONES---Q: Soul Bossa Nostra 6. NICKI MINAJ---Pink Friday 7. TEMPTATIONS---Give Love At Christmas 8. ANGEL ... More >>

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    September 1, 2010

    Booker T.

    9 p.m. Saturday, September 4. Laclede's Landing Main Stage, North First Street and Lucas Avenue.

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    August 4, 2010
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    June 21, 2010

    Interview: Blitzen Trapper's Eric Earley on Timeless Music, His Dream Opening Slot and Describing The Band's Tunes

    Todd Reoth​Eric Earley started Blitzen Trapper with just a guitar, his Portland basement studio and an insatiable desire to create. After its 2007 breakthrough, Wild Mountain Nation, the band jumped into a life of vans, planes, festivals, and opening slots for Wilco, Fleet Foxes and Iron & Win ... More >>

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    June 16, 2010

    Blitzen Trapper

    8 p.m. Monday, June 21. Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue.

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    June 2, 2010

    Shannon McNally/Big Smith/Colonel Ford

    8 p.m. Wednesday, June 9. The Schlafly Tap Room, 2100 Locust Street.

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    April 30, 2010

    Show Review: Psych-Folk Sextet Decibully Quakes the Firebird, Thursday, April 29

    J.W. Lawson​The Milwaukee based psychedelic-folk sextet Decibully, which is usually known for its solemn and melodic album tracks, shook the Firebird's foundation this Thursday with a sound that was both disproportionate and disappointing. The small crowd came expecting contemporary rock-psy ... More >>

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    April 2, 2010

    10 Things to Do for $10 This Weekend in St. Louis, April 2-4, 2010

    This weekend is packed with parties, good music and other interesting things to do. Here is our list of events that won't break the bank. From techno music electro jams to Neil Young, from planning a wedding to gazing at stars, this weekend promises to be an interesting one. Image courtesy Michael ... More >>

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    March 31, 2010
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    January 15, 2010

    Top Sellers At Area Record Stores for 2009

    Who says the record store is dead? Not us here in St. Louis, where both Vintage Vinyl and Euclid Records sold a lot of tunes. Below, please find the top selling albums from both stores, including a separate top vinyl list from VV. Enjoy! Vintage Vinyl: Top CDs ​1. Murphy Lee - You See Me 2. ... More >>

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    October 10, 2009

    Show Review: Bottle Rockets and Otis Gibbs at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room, Friday, October 9

    While the Bottle Rockets could command a larger venue, it would be a shame to lose the intimacy the quartet fosters at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room. Better to play two shows in a small venue that feels like home, instead of one show in a big venue. Troubadour Otis Gibbs opened with nearly an hour o ... More >>

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    August 14, 2009

    Interview Outtakes: Bobby Long, Playing at the Firebird on Sunday

    Dirty Pond Songs, the debut album from English singer-songwriter Bobby Long, is a quiet album, a collection to put on when you're deep in thought or otherwise thinking about life's weightier matters. It's also an album indebted to many of Long's favorites, which he named in a recent RFT interview. ( ... More >>

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    August 13, 2009

    Show Review Photos: Slobberbone and Glossary at Off Broadway, Wednesday, August 12

    Before we begin, a pledge. This review will not use the following words which fall like random keystrokes from a chimpanzee blogger's laptop: rock (or its derivations), crunchy, drunk, Americana, twang, testosterone, Neil Young, (or its derivations), wasted, and/or dudes. In other words ... More >>

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    July 16, 2009

    Farm Aid at Verizon Ampitheater in October

    farmaid.orgFor the past several days it has not been a matter of if Farm Aid would play in St. Louis this year. The question has been where in town organizers planned to stage the concert. That's because the organization has been dropping hints like crazy this month on its Twitter account pointing t ... More >>

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    June 22, 2009

    Top Sellers at Area Record Stores: Week of June 15-21

    Here's a new feature on A to Z: Every Monday, we'll publish the best-selling releases from area independent record stores for the preceding week. And so without further ado: [Update, 4 p.m.: Apop's top sellers are also below now!] Euclid Records' Top Ten 1. DAVE MATTHEWS BAND: Big Whiskey & the Gr ... More >>

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    June 20, 2009

    Review Setlist: Matthew Sweet at Blueberry Hill's Duck Room, Friday, June 19

    Over the years Matthew Sweet has proven that all he really needs is a "room to rock in," which is what he laments in the second song ("Room to Rock") on his latest album, Sunshine Lies. On Friday night, St. Louis fans of the veteran songsmith and power-pop genius were lucky enough to see him and som ... More >>

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    May 27, 2009

    Crosby, Stills & Nash

    8 p.m. Wednesday, June 3. The Chaifetz Arena at Saint Louis University, 1 South Compton Avenue.

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    April 8, 2009

    Apop Records Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday with Shows, Movies, Record Store Day

    It's almost hard to believe that Apop Records (2831 Cherokee Street) has had a St. Louis storefront since 2007. Fittingly, the experimental record store/shop was ahead of the Cherokee Street renaissance curve -- in fact, the record store arguably kickstarted the resurgence. To celebrate its second L ... More >>

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    April 8, 2009
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    December 23, 2008

    Jeff Tweedy's Son Spencer: His Blog Is Better Than Yours

    (Via Stereogum) When you were thirteen, what were you doing? Me, I listened to a lot of R.E.M., had poofy hair and braces and wrote angsty, depressed journal entries about how terrible my life was and how Spanish class sucked. But kids these days -- man, they're just so sophisticated. Take Jeff Twee ... More >>

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    November 10, 2008
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    April 30, 2008

    Kathleen Edwards

    9 p.m. Tuesday, May 6. Blueberry Hill's Duck Room, 6504 Delmar Boulevard, University City

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    August 1, 2007

    Funny Ha Ha

    B-Sides finds out why Neil Hamburger isn't Yo La Tengo's favorite comic, then gets cinematic with Undertow Records' Monahans.

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    April 13, 2005

    dios malos

    Monday, April 18; the Gargoyle (on the campus of Washington University, Forsyth and Skinker boulevards)

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    October 20, 2004

    Two Cow Garage

    Saturday, October 23; Frederick's Music Lounge

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    September 29, 2004
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    September 17, 2003

    David Bowie

    Reality (ISO/Columbia)

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    July 16, 2003

    Two Cow Garage

    Thursday, July 17; Off Broadway (The band also performs on Friday, July 18, at Frederick's Music Lounge)

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    June 18, 2003

    2003 Music Awards

    The readers spoke, and the RFT music staff listened. Find out who's large and in charge on the St. Louis music scene.

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    September 11, 2002

    Red, White and Bleaaaah

    If Radar Station ran the post-9/11 world, the playlist would change

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    May 15, 2002

    The Weakerthans

    Friday, May 17; Creepy Crawl

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    April 17, 2002

    Do Look Back

    The Band dances The Last Waltz, but can time heal old wounds?

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    February 20, 2002

    Hank Williams Jr.

    Almeria Club (Curb Records)

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    February 14, 2001

    Touch of Evil

    History tells us that musicians who turn to the written word are just asking for trouble. Occasionally, though, something special sneaks through.

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    May 3, 2000

    Ghost Stories

    Grandpa's Ghost release their fourth album -- this time with some outside help

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    May 19, 1999
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    April 7, 1999
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