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    September 26, 2014

    Perfect People Releases New Record Saturday at Strange Donuts and Utopia Studios Shows

    In this column, RFT Music gets to know local creatives, musicians and their missions. Get a slice of the local scene, complete with a snippet of sound and info about upcoming releases and shows. Stick around to see what St. Louis artists have to say whenever they Fill in the Blank. This Saturday fi ... More >>

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    January 15, 2013

    Six Solid Wine Values from the Shelves at Schnucks

    A lot of people feel intimidated about shopping for wine at a wine store. Gut Check understands this -- for the uninitiated, darkening the doorway of a retailer that specializes in wine can be as daunting as walking onto a used-car lot: What are they going to try to sell me? How will I know if they' ... More >>

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    October 12, 2012

    Clownvis Presley at the Firebird, 10/11/2012: Highlights

    Clownvis Presley, with Little Rachel and the Griddle Kids The Firebird Oct. 12, 2012 I'll be honest: even after 30-odd years, I still think clowns are freaking scary. I'll never understand why parents enjoy parading humanoids with scary makeup, dead eyes and a sinister smile in front of their kids. ... More >>

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    March 15, 2012

    Fiona Apple, Tennis and Corporate Sponsorship: SXSW 2012 Days 1 and 2

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012 6:25 p.m. I've been coming to SXSW for over a decade now, and pre- and post-apocalypse days off are as much essential rituals as 2 a.m. taco runs and sleep deprivation. This year, there'd be no day-before day off, as SXSW has extended the music portion of the festival/confer ... More >>

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    September 16, 2009

    Tomorrow! Vans Warped Tour Anniversary Movie Screens in St. Louis

    As part of its fifteenth anniversary celebration, the Vans Warped Tour is holding a one-night only, simultaneous screening of a movie featuring two hours of performances culled from its September 6 anniversary show in LA. Says this website: Featuring larger-than-life performances on the big screen ... More >>

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    April 17, 2009

    St. Louis Weekend Concert Calendar, April 17 to 19

    Busy weekend! Friday, April 17 *Solange/Teresajenee, Webster University *Pretty & Nice/Radical Sons, Firebird *Jason Ringenberg/Rough Shop, Off Broadway *Loyal Earth Fest at the Old Rock House*Unwed Sailor/Jovian Chorus/Dear Future, Luminary Center for the Arts*Alvin Jett and Phat NoiZ, Riddles* ... More >>

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    April 15, 2009


    7 p.m. Sunday, April 19. Pop's, 1403 Mississippi Avenue, Sauget, Illinois.

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    February 24, 2009

    St. Louis Concert Announcements, Week of February 24

    Here are concert announcements for the week of February 24 at clubs around St. Louis! Editor's note: Keep in mind these are generally long-lead shows with national ties or last-minute local things just announced by venues -- not locals-only concerts happening in the far-off future. So don't be offen ... More >>

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    February 21, 2007

    "I'm sure people who even hate G.W. get sick of reading your dribble.

    Get over it, you bleeding-heart liberal pieces of shit!"

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    January 18, 2006

    Whole Wheat Bread

    Tuesday, January 24; Creepy Crawl (412 North Tucker Boulevard)

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    July 14, 2004

    Special Delivery

    How Story of the Year turned pizza jobs into a music career

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    July 28, 1999


    Tiny but determined, WEW-AM and KNSX-FM ride the rough surf of St. Louis radio