Sugar Ray (Band)

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    June 30, 2014

    Does Sugar Ray Actually Suck?

    By Art Tavana Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast writes sunny indie-pop that traditionally has drawn from bands like Fleetwood Mac and the Beach Boys. Right now, however, she's feeling inspiration from a more unlikely source. "As cool as I want everybody to think I am, I don't care: I think Sugar Ra ... More >>

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    July 9, 2013

    Six Mind-Blowing References to Obscure Bands in Popular Culture

    Some people spend their lives researching a cure for cancer, or how to perform cleft-lip surgery on children in developing countries. Others, such as myself, spend that time researching obscure music because it gives them a sick feeling, like maybe they are somehow better than people who are doing r ... More >>

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    August 10, 2012

    The Ten Best Shows In St. Louis This Weekend: August 10 to 12

    Saturday dominates this week's post with a commanding 70% of all picks for the week, though it should be noted that one of our picks, the Open Highway Music Festival at Off Broadway, technically takes place on each of the three weekend days, putting Saturday's lead at eight out of twelve -- or 66 an ... More >>

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    August 9, 2012

    Helmet and Toadies

    7 p.m. Saturday, August 11. Pop's Nightclub, 401 Monsanto Avenue, Sauget, Illinois.

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    August 8, 2012

    Gin Blosssoms, Sugar Ray, Everclear, Lit and Marcy Playground at the Family Arena, 8/7/12: Reviews, Photos and Setlists

    Summerland Tour 2012 Family Arena August 7, 2012 "Everyone here will know at least one song by one band tonight," Art Alexakis, lead singer of Everclear, promised early in the night at last night's Summerland concert at the Family Arena (2002 Arena Parkway, St. Charles; 636-896-4200). Alexakis was ... More >>

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    August 6, 2012

    Out Every Night: The Best Shows From August 6 to August 12

    This week's picks feature three rather large (as in a lot of bands) festival-type shows -- four if you count the 90s-fest happening at Verizon on Tuesday. On Friday, STL is the Movement 3 will go down at the Firebird; rappers Tef Poe, A-Game, Vega, Step or Get Left, Domino Effect, and ATG will perfo ... More >>

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    July 13, 2012

    Toward A Taxonomy Of '90s Pop Songs You Kind Of Remember

    I should begin here: During the actual '90s, I was much too busy listening to Japanese videogame soundtracks (educate yourself) to actually enjoy '90s pop music. My first-hand memories of most of it are hearing it in a car, at a skating rink, on somebody else's Discman, and shaking my head in lonely ... More >>

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    June 6, 2012

    Die Antwoord, Matthew Sweet, Murphy's Law and More in This Week's New Show Announcements

    Here again: every newly announced show for the week! On page one you'll find a quick list of shows that particularly caught our attention, followed by embedded YouTube videos; there, you can check out some of the artists you may not be familiar with. Page two contains our complete listing of new sho ... More >>

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    January 24, 2012

    The Six Abandoned Songs Most Worth Reevaluating

    Sometimes we just need to take a break from a song. One can only hear the same words and melody so many times until it loses all meaning, like saying "sandals" or "popcorn" a few dozen times. Unfortunately, some great songs are never revisited -- maybe because of overkill, maybe because of the stigm ... More >>

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    October 13, 2011
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    September 28, 2011

    Gin Blossoms, John Prine Lead This Week's Show Announcements

    Slow week for announcements, but there are some gems up in here: Remember the '90s? Yeah, they like, weren't that long ago, and just when we thought we were nearing the end of this otiose, pervasive nostalgia, Lumiere Place comes to the rescue with October shows from Better Than Ezra and the Gin Blo ... More >>

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    September 22, 2011

    VIP Port-a-Potties? Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Has Big Perk for Big Spenders

    ​Now you can shit in style at the Solutia Rock 'n' Roll St. Louis Marathon! All it takes is an extra hundred bucks or so to be allowed to pinch your pre-race loafs into a classy commode and feel superior to the regular schlubs slumming it in plain old Port-a-Potties.Seriously. There's going to be ... More >>

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    August 17, 2011

    Joe Lally and Tandoori Knights Lead This Week's Show Announcements

    Bloodshot Bill and King Khan are coming to Off Broadway in November as Tandoori Nights. ​ All hail shirtless wonder King Khan, for he is headed back to St. Louis with his homey Bloodshot Bill as Tandoori Knights. The wild duo will be at Off Broadway on November 25. Allegedly, they started play ... More >>

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    June 6, 2011

    Sarah Palin's Paul Revere And Three Mostly Accurate History Songs

    by Bob Weinstein; Wikipedia. ​Note to self, as a future historical-figure-ghost: If Sarah Palin and Paul Revere are any indication, the best way to trend on Twitter 200 years after your death is to have someone controversial give a particularly strange recounting of your life's work, as inform ... More >>

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    May 19, 1999

    Sun Dance

    Sound advice on the summer's hottest concerts

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    March 3, 1999