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    February 15, 2012

    Maidana Advisor Won't Reveal Where He Heard Alexander "Steroid Rumors"

    ​Nothing builds tension before a big time prizefight like a steroid allegation. On Monday, less than two weeks before the February 25 bout between Devon Alexander and Marcos Maidana, Maidana's advisor Sebastian Contursi emailed Missouri Office of Athletics president Tim Lueckenhoff: "Since Team A ... More >>

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    December 15, 2011

    Belleville's Trauma Harness Brings Post-Punk Gloom to the Midwest

    Mabel SuenTrauma Harness dismisses the stage and performs on the floor at Illegal Tone in Belleville. ​ The Wicked Witch of Belleville likes to throw musicians into a dirty black cauldron. She vigorously stirs the pot, concocting odd bands that creep and slither their way into nearby cities. T ... More >>

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    October 19, 2011

    Toxicology Report: Danny McClain Died Of Natural Causes

    Courtesy of Mary Ann Starr​This spring, when we reported on the untimely passing of Danny McClain, the fearless drummer who was a fixture in the local improvisational music community and member of explosive instrumental trio Grand Ulena, not all of the story's questions had been answered. The ... More >>

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    March 29, 2011

    Missouri Senator Rob Schaaf on Meth Lab Law: "I Will Stand Up There and Talk Until This Bill Dies"

    State Senator Rob Schaaf​Meth problem or no meth problem, Missouri State Senator Rob Schaaf thinks you deserve the right to take your Sudafed -- without seeing a doctor first.Daily RFT checked in yesterday with Schaaf, a part-time family physician/ state senator representing northwest Missouri. We ... More >>

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    March 28, 2011

    Meth-Fighting Missouri Pseudoephedrine Ban Could Face Filibuster

    Sudafed shouldn't need a 'scrip, says State Senator Rob Schaaf.​In hopes of combating the state's never-ending meth problem, state legislators have been pushing a bill to make cold medicines that include pseudoephedrine available by prescription only.That would include Sudafed, Claritin and a host ... More >>

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    December 20, 2010

    Four Loko, 7-Eleven

    image viaDrink of the Week is not acquainted with these hipsters, nor do we recognize the beach. But we're betting the Four Loko they've got is the original regular, not the reformulated unleaded.​If you subscribe to that line about living fast, dying young and leaving a good-looking corpse, t ... More >>

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    November 19, 2010

    HIV-Positive Inmate Sues City et al for Denying Him Treatment

    Image via​An HIV-positive man in his late 40s is suing the City and Correctional Medical Services (a contractor), saying that during his first 16 days in the slammer, he repeatedly asked for his medication but all they gave him was Tylenol. After that, he alleges, delivery of his meds was spotty. ... More >>

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    August 11, 2010

    The Silver Ballroom's Justin Deming: Featured Bartender of the Week

    Welcome to Girl Walks into a Bar, a weekly Gut Check feature that spotlights local bars and bartenders. This week Alissa Nelson profiles Silver Ballroom bartender Justin Deming. Below is a Q&A with Deming, followed by a video of him mixing his Slutbucket cocktail. Alissa Nelson​If you're goin ... More >>

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    July 28, 2010


    Read a penetrating chapter from former Phoenix New Times investigative reporter Terry Greene Sterling's book: ILLEGAL: Life and Death in Arizona's Immigration War Zone

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    June 30, 2010

    An Immigrant's Heart

    To survive the ordeal of escaping Guatemala, Julia needed a big Heart. But not this big.

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    August 6, 2008
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    May 10, 2006

    Bean Crud

    Unreal gets a headache over potential Botoxing. Plus, we put our carnivorous tendencies aside to pen an anti-meat poem.

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    July 17, 2002

    Speed Isn't Enough

    Tim McAmis, drag-racing champ, tries to be a millisecond faster than the big-money boys. Tough duty.

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    October 31, 2001

    Death Man Walking

    Dozens of patients died on nurse Richard Williams' watch, but he was never charged. Did authorities do too little, too late?

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    February 28, 2001

    Girl, Interrupted

    Eighteen-year-old Amy Walker was abandoned in a hospital parking lot, slumped over her steering wheel. It was the first time she had tried heroin and the last.

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    February 16, 2000

    Cruel and Usual

    Tamms Correctional Center is one of the toughest, most expensive and least crowded prisons in the nation. But does it accomplish anything - besides driving inmates insane?

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    December 1, 1999


    City Hall makes a quick pick in an ugly battle over Internet and phone service. Prepare to pay the price.