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    April 9, 2009

    My Cardinals: Tim Lane

    This past year, over at Viva El Birdos, I wrote a post on Christmas Eve called "God Bless Us, Everyone." It wasn't about baseball, as is often the case with the things that I write, but about my own feelings at Christmas about, well, just life in general. I was pretty proud of the way the piece turn ... More >>

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    January 15, 2009

    Sigh, Go Cards. Go Kurt Warner.

    Friends, I come to you today with a heavy heart. I feel a deep, aching sorrow in my chest, and I fear that nothing in this life will lift this burden from me. This weekend, I am going to do something I thought I would never do. I am going to watch a football game and root for the Arizona Cardinals.

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    April 30, 2008
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    August 13, 2003

    Nuclear Half-Lies

    Mallinckrodt's workers were poisoned and the government said it would pay. So far, those promises haven't been kept.

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    April 12, 2000

    The Lead Menace

    In its lawsuit, St. Louis is eager to blame the lead industry for making the area one of the most contaminated in the nation. But the city itself is guilty of doing little to prevent the poisoning of thousands of children like "Little Al" Evans.