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Royal Treatment Royal Treatment
Matt McGuire and Kirk Warner serve up meals fit for a king
, June 13, 2001
If you build it, they will come.Perhaps this little fantasy should be titled "Brownfield of Dreams." The names of the principal characters -- M.... More >>
Euclidean Math Euclidean Math
The numbers may be a little higher than you'd expect for Vietnamese food in St. Louis, but Little Saigon Café's offerings add up to an enjoyable meal
, June 06, 2001
The key to enjoying Little Saigon Café is walking in with the proper set of expectations.After years of conditioning that 8 bucks is a pretty... More >>
Hog Heaven Hog Heaven
New Haven's Front Street Grille attracts a clientele ranging from bikers to locals but manages to make them all happy
, May 30, 2001
Welcome Kirkwood HOG," announced a Budweiser banner flapping above the door of Connolly's Front Street Grille. An unbroken line of Harleys snaked... More >>
Tei Time Tei Time
With her new restaurant, Nippon Tei, Ann Bognar outdoes herself
, May 23, 2001
I used to think Ann Bognar simply had a knack for serving good food in very pleasant surroundings. With her newest restaurant, Nippon Tei, I'm... More >>
Cupples Therapy Cupples Therapy
Despite its glorious setting in the Westin St. Louis at Cupples Station, the new Clark Street Grill needs help
, May 16, 2001
This place has an identity crisis," my friend concluded as we finished our $28 entrées at the elegant Clark Street Grill. "With its name and its... More >>
Sprouting Seed Sprouting Seed
Have faith -- the Mustard Seed is on track to being a safe bet for a good meal
, May 09, 2001
Harry "Doug" Douglas must have had, at very least, faith as small as a mustard seed when trying to move his mountain of a restaurant into the... More >>
Family Tradition Family Tradition
Corky's Restaurant lifts classic American comfort food to new heights
, May 02, 2001
The standard by which an eatery should be appraised is how well it succeeds at whatever it aspires to be, be it a drugstore soda fountain or a... More >>
Gone Fishin' Gone Fishin'
The St. Louis Fish Market is sure to hook diners
, April 25, 2001
Here's a real whopper for you: a brand-new, high-end seafood restaurant, seating upwards of 150 people, with something like 30 fish and shellfish... More >>
Lotsa Matzo Lotsa Matzo
After a tour of St. Louis' finest, our reviewer knows from deli
, April 18, 2001
"You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy Levy's," declared a 1965 Manhattan billboard advertising a popular brand of rye bread. A fatuous... More >>
New Kids on the Block New Kids on the Block
The fledgling restaurateurs of La Piazza strike gold
, April 11, 2001
No prior experience necessary.It's not very often that a rookie breaks into the majors and is instantly competitive, but that seems to be the... More >>
Play Ball! Play Ball!
While you're downtown to see the Cards this summer, try something besides a ballpark dog
, April 04, 2001
OK, so here it is baseball season again. Starting Monday and continuing for 80-some dates over the subsequent six months, thousands of you will... More >>
Wait Training Wait Training
Poor service mars an otherwise satisfying dining experience at Tokens
, March 28, 2001
Just what does "good service" mean? Must a restaurant server have the deportment of an English footman, know more about food and wine than M.F.K.... More >>
News of the Weir News of the Weir
Well-known St. Louis restaurateur Jack Weir brings us another offering
, March 21, 2001
Somehow we figured that the Dogtown space made popular by R.L. Steamer's wasn't going to stay vacant for very long. In addition to the basic good... More >>
Pie-Eyed Pie-Eyed
Two Metro East purveyors of dainties satisfy all the senses
, March 14, 2001
What can I get for you, buddy?" croaked an earnest, fresh-faced server in a preppy gray ribbed turtleneck. But no sooner had he posed the... More >>
River Run River Run
Whalen's on the Wharf sets its ambitions high and fulfills them admirably
, March 07, 2001
Our travels this week take us to Grafton, a picturesque river town about 20 minutes north of Alton, directly up the Great River Road. In stark... More >>
Flat Feed Flat Feed
Defying the new trend of sky-high entrées, Sidney Street Café chef Sue Dill lies low
, February 28, 2001
Chef Sue Dill's dishes are Mary Janes in a season of stiletto food. While swank chefs construct tottering layers of edible scaffolding known as... More >>
Zum Zum In Zum Zum In
South Grand's newest restaurant promises delicious Subcontinental cuisine and exquisitely personal service
, February 21, 2001
In some restaurants, especially at ethnic places, it's considered a compliment to say, "It was just as if I'd been invited into their home." It's... More >>
Horse Sense Horse Sense
The Wild Horse Grill stampedes onto the Chesterfield Valley floodplain
, February 14, 2001
This one is just too hard to resist: It sure seems as if there's a flood of new restaurants in the Chesterfield Valley now, doesn't it?One of the... More >>
Flower Power Flower Power
David Slay's new restaurant, Zu Zu's Petals, reminds diners that it is indeed a wonderful life
, February 07, 2001
What's the matter -- do you feel like you're at Culpeppers?" quipped my dining companion as our waiter set a plate of stubby jalapeño poppers... More >>
Catching Some Z Catching Some Z
Trust us -- the food at Z is great. You just won't be able to see it.
, January 31, 2001
To all of you who may have been thus far avoiding Z, the new restaurant that has taken over the old Hot Locust space, because you're dubious... More >>
Meating Place Meating Place
Clancy's Butcher Shop and Catering purveys everything from top-notch gourmet meats to down-home barbecue
, January 24, 2001
Puritan Dainty Meat à la Ginger Ale: Place Dainty Meat in a saucepan, and add two cups of ginger ale. Cover and cook slowly for 2 hours or until... More >>
Flows and Eddie's Flows and Eddie's
Cheap, tasty eats and engaging atmosphere abound at Fast Eddie'sBon-Air
, January 17, 2001
Whether or not Fast Eddie's Bon-Air is, as one of its brochures boasts, the "#1 volume bar in the world," the place is incredible. About to... More >>
Southern Comfort Southern Comfort
The Southern Belle Supper Club puts diners at ease with its food and its décor
, January 10, 2001
I guess these things go in cycles. Maybe about 20 years ago, a jovial guy named Richard Perry revived an old building on Jefferson Avenue in... More >>
Market Research Market Research
University City's Market in the Loop is home to Fatima's, a new Nigerian restaurant
, January 03, 2001
We specially cater for your stomach for your food needs," reads a clumsily translated signboard propped up next to a café in Lagos, Nigeria.... More >>
Side Dish
The latest offering from wine purveyors: the white merlot
, January 03, 2001
A wily enologist has been toiling in a Napa Valley lab, blending beakers of white zinfandel with flasks of merlot. The result is white merlot, a... More >>
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