17 Missouri Women Who Could Kick Todd Akin's Ass.

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Doesn't this face make you want to kick something?

Or, Why You Shouldn't Be Ashamed to Be a Female Voter in Missouri. It's become pretty clear over the past few weeks that Todd Akin hates women. Oh, he hasn't said that in so many words -- which is actually pretty surprising since he doesn't seem to care much about the possibility of offending his female constituency, or the males who support the radical notion of female equality.

To review: Akin believes that only certain rapes are "legitimate." (The rest, particularly the ones that result in pregnancy, don't count.) Akin believes that women, particularly his female political opponents, should behave with ladylike deference during debates. Akin believes that the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which makes it easier for women to sue for equal pay, is a violation of free enterprise.

Todd Akin deserves to have his ass kicked by a woman. Or perhaps a band of women, the biggest badasses Missouri has to offer. Here's our list:

By Aimee Levitt. Read this story in blog form: 17 Missouri Women Who Could Kick Todd Akin's Ass.

Published on October 4, 2012