25 Reasons to Love Summer in St. Louis

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25. Shakespeare in the Park.

For three weeks each summer Forest Park hosts a free Shakespeare play under the trees just east of Art Hill. This year's play is the bard's comedy Twelfth Night. Bring some friends, pack a picnic and arrive any day but Tuesday from May 24 to June 16.

People may gripe about the heat and humidity of St. Louis in the summer. But ask someone to share his or her favorite memory about this town, and chances are you're going to hear a story about something that happened between May and September.

Why? Because summer is when we get together with friends and share. When we slow down just long enough to appreciate all that is here for the taking. And as RFT discovered when we sat down to brainstorm what we love about summer in St. Louis, the reasons could be infinite. Here, though, are 25 places to begin. By RFTStaff.

Published on June 7, 2013