Best of St. Louis, 2013: The Music!

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Best Cover Band: The VCRs

In this city '70s and '80s cover bands are a dime a dozen. But the '90s? It seemed like no one wanted to go full-flannel until the VCRs came along.

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With more than 275 winners crammed into this year's Best of St. Louis issue, there's again a lot to see in St. Louis, which is sort of our point. Inside the Arts & Entertainment section of this year's edition, we have plenty of places and musicians worth scoping out. Here's a sort-of random sampling of the 2013 Best of St. Louis winners in the Arts & Entertainment category. Congratulations to our winners. Now go out and see a show!

Published on September 26, 2013

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You guys don't know the gospel scene.  Who is this dude?  Man, there are so many top-notch groups and singers in this area and you guys pick a feel good story.  Get off your butts and hit the local churches and stop waiting on a story to fall in your lap.


yo guys, this wasnt made by ashley.

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