Despite Great Food and Service, Eleven65 Doesn’t Quite Add Up

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The seafood stew is made with mussels, clams, fish, shrimp and calamari in a tomato-saffron broth.

The restaurant, which bills itself as a “modernistic interpretation of home grown dishes and an educated service staff,” opened this October in O’Fallon. It’s an upscale establishment, offering Dom Pérignon on its wine list and truffles in its butter. Yet its menu is presented like a school-play program. And the dessert menu? It’s an index-card-sized piece of paper as well, probably printed six to a sheet from that same office ink-jet. Granted, a menu does not make or break a place. It does, however, call into serious question the proprietors’ judgment for putting so little thought into a diner’s first impression.

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Photos by Jennifer Silverberg for the Riverfront Times.

Published on December 16, 2013