Face Tats Explained at Old School Tattoo Expo

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"I'd already done my hands and my neck, so I was going to be visibly tattooed anyway. The face seemed natural then."

Photographer Jason Stoff brings back these images from the 2012 St. Louis Old School Tattoo Expo, held November 2 through 4, 2012 at the Ramada Plaza Hotel. Stoff sought out out the most conspicuous of tattoos, those on the head and face. As it turned out, the owners of most were tattoo artists themselves -- and all said it wasn't something they considered lightly. They didn't get their faces tattooed first, or even early-on; it was universally something that they'd eased into. Additionally, they all acknowledged that they didn't get facial tattoos until they'd realized they weren't ever going to be working a "standard" job.

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Published on November 4, 2012