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  • The Sexiest (and Most Ridiculous) Halloween Costumes of 2012
    The employees of Yandy know all too well that sexy is the Halloween trend of the decade. This year's big sellers: the Sexy Fox, the Sexy Watermelon, the Sexy Hamburger, and new arrivals, "sexy" Bert, Ernie, and Big Bird costumes. Seriously. See Also: - Yandy, Creators of the "Sexy" Sesame...
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  • Top Costumes from the St. Louis Pirate Festival
    Every year Wentzville's Rotary Park is turned a Caribbean port city for the St. Louis Pirate Festival. The island is taken over by boneheaded pirates, decorative nobles, merry maidens and any one who cares to join in the fun. Here are the best costumes from September 18. Photos by Nick Schnelle.
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  • KSHE 95 First Annual Pig Roast
    KSHE 95 held their inaugural Pig Roast on Saturday at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater. It was a great day of beer, sun and music for serious rock fans. The event featured Queensryche, Tesla, Ratt, Candlebox, Jackyl, Saving Abel, Gracious Few, Shaman's Harvest and more. Photos by Jon Gitchoff.
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  • Project Comic Con 2
    The Maryland Heights Centre hosted Project Comic Con 2 this weekend. Special guests included artist Adam Kubert, Ethan Van Sciver, Greg Horn, Howard Chaykin, Gail Simone, Jamal Igle, Fred Van Lente, Gary Friedrich, Phil Hester and more. In addition, there were plenty of vendors on hand for fans...
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  • The Flaming Lips at the Pageant
    Wayne Coyne, Steven Drozd and friends left a sardine-packed Pageant full of grins, a few tears and pure-fucking-joy with all of their typical theatrics, some new tricks and treats and a high-energy show - enhanced immeasurably with but absolutely not reliant on balloons, confetti, streamers and...
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  • The Top Photos of Summer 2010 (NSFW)
    With autumn officially starting next week, another summer will come to an end. However, there's not much to regret. St. Louis owned this summer. We saw whipped cream parties, an insane roller skating ruckus, naked bike riding, world cup mayhem, zombies in the Loop, plenty of burlesque and a...
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  • More is More: Fozzie's Sandwich Emporium
    The menu follows the "more is more" principle. There are twenty sandwiches, almost all of them overstuffed, as well as burgers, hot dogs and gyros (and salads, appetizer dips and milkshakes, too). The "B.A.B.L.T." might be the best example: It stands for bacon and bacon, lettuce and tomato and...
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  • Gateway to November Tea Party Rally, 9/12/10
    On Sunday, Tea Party members and fellow travelers lined the grounds of the federally owned Gateway Arch, part of the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial, to protest the federal government. Dubbed the "Gateway to November," the rally's featured guests included former Clinton advisor Dick...
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  • Rams Season Opener Tailgate Party
    Despite a recent study concluding that the St. Louis Ram's are the nation's least popular team, these devoted fans showed up to give their support before the game. There was plenty of beer, food and fun, which helped take the sting out of the Ram's season opener that followed. Photos by Steve...
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  • Wavves at The Billiken Club
    That's it. Summer is over, and Wavves sent it packing last night with an adrenaline- and pot-fueled rager. Crowd surfing at the Billiken Club isn't something you see every day, but Wavves is no stranger to turning self-conscious hipsters into seething party monsters. The club was at capacity...
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  • Brains! Zombie Commercial Shoot at Star Clipper
    On Saturday, local comic book shop Star Clipper filmed a commercial that will air during AMC's newest series The Walking Dead. In order to pack the store with plenty of zombies, Star Clipper put out an open call for extras and invited fans to show up in their finest zombie regalia for a chance...
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  • Jamie Lidell at the Old Rock House, 9/9/10
    Electric-funk soulman Jamie Lidell took the stage Thursday night at The Old Rock House, touring behind his 2010 release "Compass." Lidell crooned, beatboxed, and oozed charm through the set, with song selections reaching as far back as 2005's "Multiply." Tony Castles, a Brooklyn-based rock...
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