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  • PW Pizza: It's Just Good
    The pepperoni is one of four pizzas dubbed "Classics," along with a sausage, a mushroom and a traditional margherita. Its simplicity is winning. The tomato sauce has the acidic bite and full, mildly sweet flavor of a good tomato, with a hint of heat. The mozzarella is melted to perfect...
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  • Starfire Festival 2011
    The Atomic Cowboy hosted the 2011 Starfire Festival in honor of Jerry Garcia's 60th birthday on Sunday, July 31. With three stages, the event featured music from Elemental Shakedown, Foggy Memory Boys, High Fashion Kings, Jake's Leg and more. There were also drum circles, live art, hula dancers...
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  • The Friday Night Resurrection at Rue 13
    GlitterBomb returned to action at Rue 13 on Friday, July 29. Photos by Lee Harris.
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  • Shameless Grounds' Cherry Jubilee
    Slightly NSFW. Shameless Grounds hosted their first annual Cherry Jubilee over the weekend. The two-night affair kicked off on Friday, July 30 with a lineup that included some rockabilly courtesy of The Bible Belt Sinners, a scorching hot burlesque performance by the Randy Dandies and a rope...
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  • Sade and John Legend at Scottrade Center
    If a lead singer can ever be a cipher, Sade Adu certainly inhabits that paradox. As an artist, she resists both interpretations and expectations. She rarely grants interviews; she's released two albums in the past eighteen years; she only tours when necessary. And the songs she sings with her...
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  • Month in Photos: July 2011
    A look back at the best photos of July 2011.
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  • Wes Johnson's Salt
    Of all the reasons why you should try the duck fat-fried chicken at Salt, Wes Johnson's terrific new restaurant in the Central West End, I can think of no higher recommendation than this: On a day when the heat index reached 110 degrees, when chicken fried in duck fat and served atop mashed...
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  • XXXmas in July Swimsuit Party
    Considering this week's heat wave, this party was just what the doctor ordered and the clothes came off for last night's XXXmas in July Swimsuit Party at Rue 13. Photos by Lee Harris.
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  • Josh Ritter at Off Broadway
    To describe the music of Josh Ritter as earnest is to call Horatio Alger hopeful, Holden Caulfield disaffected and Hamlet a mama's boy. He's as sincere as a sonnet, as genuinely happy a performer as you'll ever see outside a circus where the free lemonade is laced with Zoloft. He knows he's...
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  • NKOTBSB at the Scottrade Center
    The nine-person nostalgia train entered night amidst smoke, glitter and streamers, like the crystal-studded version of the biker from the Village People. Swathed in leather, studs, cubic zirconium and lots and lots of zippers that probably don't even open, the fivesome and the foursome...
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  • Three Kings Public House in the Delmar Loop
    The standout appetizer is that pub classic of housemade chips and rarebit — in this case a "fondue" made from Irish cheddar and Urban Chestnut's terrific Winged Nut ale. The chips — crisp, golden-brown, slightly chewy and brimming with potato flavor — are so good that Three Kings should offer...
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  • Grease, Gears and Grooves 2011
    Iron Age Tattoo, Full Throttle Midwest Magazine And Liquid Illusions teamed up for this year's Grease, Gears and Grooves hot rod and custom motorcycle showcase. Photos by Nick Schnelle. Related Content Grease, Gears and Grooves, 7/3/2010
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