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  • U2 at Busch Stadium
    "Space Oddity" kicked in shortly after 9 p.m. and a camera showed U2 entering from some tunnel in order of reverse celebrity, with Bono taking up the rear and flashing a peace sign into the camera at his screaming worshipers. The World's Biggest Live Band took its place in the ring, greeted by...
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  • SlutWalk St. Louis
    SlutWalk was created in response to comments made by a member of the Toronto police force, who said that "women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized." Since then there have been a number of protests around the globe. That protest came to St. Louis on Saturday, July 16...
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  • Skrillex at the Pageant
    The kids came out in droves to see the house that dubstep built. Worshipping at the temple of Skrillex, this new generation of music lovers has a penchant for lacerating synth and skull crushing bass wobble. For more, check out Josh Levi's recap of Skrillex at the Pageant. Photos by Todd Owyoung.
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  • Cafe Pintxos
    The standout among the cold tapas is the ensalada de pulpo, a small mound of chopped tomato and octopus in a bracingly tart, citrusy marinade. There is hummus, flavored with red pepper and artichoke but still, you know, hummus. Hummus might be a few hundred miles outside authentic tapas...
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  • Indie Rock Ice Cream Social
    The fifth annual Indie Rock Ice Cream Social took place at the Firebird on Saturday, July 9. Featuring music from the Breaks, JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound and Bear Hive, attendees were treated to a great night of music and some free ice cream courtesy of Serendipity Homemade Ice Cream. Photos...
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  • We Are Family at the Atomic Cowboy
    Featuring nineteen Djs, partygoers packed into the Atomic Cowboy to celebrate this reunion bash for the St. Louis' rave scene. Photos by Lee Harris. Related Content St. Louis' Rave Scene Gains Closure With One Last Party
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  • Let Them Eat Art 2011
    Maplewood was alive with creativity during the annual Let Them Eat Art festival. There were local artists and musicians set up at various businesses all around the neighborhood. Many people came out that night to enjoy the weather and the festivities. Photos by Crystal Rolfe.
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  • Florence + the Machine at the Pageant
    The crowd shrieked and screamed at every move behind the black curtain as the stage was set for Florence + the Machine. The noise reached a fever pitch when the band built to a frenzy before the curtain dropped to reveal a black-lit backdrop of flowers and birds. Bird cages housed light bulbs...
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  • Of Montreal at the Luminary Center for the Arts
    It seems as though Athens, Georgia's Of Montreal and Independence Day (the holiday, not the movie) shouldn't jive. July 4th is brimming with conservative values, and the band's transgender obsessed schizo-disco lives on the most westward tip of the left wing. But as a celebration of freedom and...
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  • Quincy Street Bistro
    Don't try to tell me you don't love buffalo-chicken dip, that molten stew of cheese and vinegar-laced hot sauce, the very few pieces of chicken suspended therein a seemingly incidental reminder of the dish's origin. OK, so, maybe you don't love buffalo-chicken dip, but if you do, Quincy Street...
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  • Elvis Costello at the Pageant
    Costello and his backing band of nearly ten years, the Imposters, brought its "Spectacular Spinning Songbook" tour to the Pageant last night, and its garish, over-the-top kitsch provided an alternate entry into Costello's peerless catalogue. Rather than write a setlist the old-fashioned way,...
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  • Eddie Vedder at the Fox Theatre
    Nobody tell Nic Cage, but Eddie Vedder's voice is basically a national treasure at this point. It's the voice that launched a thousand alt-rock vocalists, those of Creed and Fuel least notable on the list. And when it comes to shows with the level of intimacy created last night at the Fox, it's...
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