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  • Of Montreal and Janelle MonŠe at the Pageant
    Click here for Annie Zaleski's full review of Janelle MonŠe at the Pageant. Click here for Bob McMahon's full review of Of Montreal at the Pageant. Photos by Todd Owyoung.
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  • Japandroids and Walkmen at Off Broadway
    As the band members subtly filed on stage, donning their classic prep school attire, they eased into the bouncy, slow-burning "Juveniles," from 2010's Lisbon. Fresh-faced singer Hamilton Leithauser ("Ham") seemed calm and reserved as the set opened, but by the time the band hit the second song...
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  • Addieís Thai House
    The duck was perfectly cooked, with just enough fat rendered that the meat gained flavor without losing its luscious nature. Like all good curries, this red curry was too complex to pinpoint any one ingredient; its initial brightness yielded to a good balance of savory and sweet and a lingering...
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  • Kinloch Scenes: A Photo Essay by Kayci Merrittť
    Kinloch is Missouri's first black city and at one time it was one of the nation's largest all black communities. Now, due to buyouts by neighboring Lambert St. Louis International Airport, St. Louis County and developers, Kinloch's population has dwindled to just a few hundred. Here is a look...
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  • Ludo at the Pageant
    Local Moog-rockers Ludo played their first hometown show since releasing their second major-label LP, (ital) Prepare the Preparations. Read our interview from September. Photos by Jon Gitchoff.
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  • Circo Atomico at the Atomic Cowboy
    The Belle of the Ball troupe and other local circus talent were on hand to help celebrate the Atomic Cowboy's 5th anniversary party on Saturday. The night included high-flying aerial acts, acrobats, juggling, fire-eating, lasso acts and lots of clowning around. Inside the Fox Hole, there was an...
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  • Lure's Last Hurrah
    Saturday night saw a packed house celebrating Lure's final night. Photographer Egan O'Keefe was there to capture the party.
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  • Post Literate Launch Party at the Luminary Center for the Arts
    Post Literate, a boutique art and music label, hosted a launch party on Friday, October 15th at The Luminary Center for the Arts. The event celebrated the release of Glitch's Connection Time-out publication and US English's What Frontier EP. Phaseone and 18 and Counting were also on hand for...
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  • Band of Horses at the Pageant
    Band of Horses along with opening acts Besnard Lakes and Brad rolled into the Pageant last night. Photographer Jason Stoff was there to capture the action.
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  • Nosh: Maplewood's Neighborhood Bistro
    At first glance Nosh is like the chubby baby whose cheeks you can't help but pinch: cute, cute, cute. The name is cute. The logo, with a green olive speared by a toothpick standing in for the letter O in Nosh, is cute. The interior of the restaurant, its warm brown color scheme brightened by...
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  • Oktoberfest 2010: Beer and Brat Mayhem
    Soulard Oktoberfest 2010 has came and gone. It was a wild weekend of beer and food featuring two stages of entertainment and events, five tents, fourteen bands and one-thousand kegs of beer. Here's a look at all the fun from three of the wildest events Oktoberfest had to offer: The Beer Fest...
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  • The People of Oktoberfest
    The streets of Soulard were flooded for Oktoberfest 2010 as thousands of people came out to celebrate food, drink and fun times. Here's a look back at some of the people showing their festival spirit. Photos by Steve Truesdell.
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