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  • Will.I.Am DJ Set at Lure Nightclub, 8/14/10
    After bringing down the house at the Scottrade Center with the Black Eyed Peas, Will.I.Am headed over to Lure Nightclub for an exclusive DJ set and kept St. Louis partying well into the night. Photos by Egan O'Keefe.
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  • Black Eyed Peas at the Scottrade Center, 8/14/10
    As might be expected, fans of every age, shape and color came out to witness last night's performance by one of the biggest musical acts of the era. For anyone who's familiar with Black Eyed Peas' music, the show at the Scottrade Center didn't disappoint: It was a spectacle of mass proportions...
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  • '80s Prom Night at the Mad Art Gallery, 8/13/10
    For those who missed their prom or simply wanted to relive the funky-styled action, the Mad Art Gallery in St. Louis played host to an '80s Prom Night on Friday. Complete with costumes, stylized deco, bar and prom photos, Last Nights Vice provided the music and people rocked out, like totally....
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  • Wang Gang Asian Eats
    Let's dispense with the obvious first: Wang Gang Asian Eats has the most ridiculous name of any restaurant I've ever reviewed. The original location in Edwardsville, Illinois, was called Wang Gang Asian Eats n Beats, which is even more ridiculous. However, I'm visiting the new second location,...
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  • Phoenix at the Pageant, 8/9/10
    Phoenix introduced the element of surprise early in its set. A sample of the eerie instrumental "Love Like A Sunset Part I" faded in through the PA system while each of the six members -- the band's core four, plus touring drummer Thomas Hedlund and keyboardist Robin Coudert -- manned his...
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  • Adam Lambert at the Pageant, 8/8/10
    After an airing of the recorded version of "For Your Entertainment," the title track of his debut, Lambert appeared atop a set of stairs wearing a top hat and long coat, à la Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter character from Alice In Wonderland. (His lacquered pompadour, however, screamed "rockabilly" or...
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  • Propaganda Presents The Twelves at Sol Lounge, 8/6/10
    The Twelves, an electro-pop duo featuring João Miguel and Luciano Oliveira and dubbed as "Brazil's answer to Daft Punk," visited St. Louis' own Propaganda Friday night dance party at Sol Lounge. Photos by Lee Harris.
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  • The Other Guys Premiere with Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg
    The red carpet was rolled out for the arrival of Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg at Wehrenberg's Chesterfield Galaxy 14 Cinema last night. The stars were in town for "The Other Premiere of The Other Guys," a fan-oriented movie premiere that St. Louis won via Facebook. The event also featured...
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  • Hanson at the Pageant, 8/5/10
    Mock Hanson's music at your peril. The fresh-faced trio is still best-known for its effervescent tween-pop days - don't front, you know all the words to "MMMBop" - but it's grown into its bubblegum-funk/soul sound rather nicely. Last night at the Pageant, the band's devoted fanbase came out in...
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  • Something Corporate at the Pageant, 8/4/10
    To most people, the name Something Corporate means absolutely nothing. To a music fan of a certain age, however, the name Something Corporate brings back a flood of memories and induces dewy-eyed nostalgia. Scene darlings at the turn of the century, the Orange County band matched pensive piano...
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  • Make It A Double: Cork Wine Bar and Hill Brewing Company
    Over the past year, Ferguson has welcomed a wine bar and a brewpub. Both are positive additions to the north-county municipality, the sort of ventures that often wind up in the city or the better-heeled areas of the county. Yet both also raise an interesting question: Is it enough merely to...
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  • Starfire Festival at the Atomic Cowboy, 8/1/10
    This all-day festival celebrating Jerry Garcia's birthday featured body painting, drum circles, hula hooping from the St. Louis Hoop Club and plenty of food and drink. There was also live music from bands like Elemental Shakedown, Brothers Lazaroff, Jake's Leg and Carpenter, Deweese & Wheling....
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