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  • Masquerade Ball at Home Nightclub
    Masked-club-goers packed into Home with DJ Deception and Jay E for New Year's Eve. Photos by Egan O'Keefe.
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  • Dance Fiasco at the Skatium
    A couple hundred people rang in the New Year on roller skates at the Skatium in Lemay, with a slew of local DJ's providing music. Photographer Nick Schnelle closed out the night with them.
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  • New Year's Eve Party at Off Broadway
    The Nebula Funk Orchestra, Fattback and the Monads ring in the new year with beer-and-champagne soaked revelers at Off Broadway. Photos by Nick Schnelle.
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  • Schlafly 18th Anniversary Party, 12/26/09
    Photographer Nick Schnelle hit up the Schlafly beer 18th birthday party and asked patrons if they remember what they did on their own 18th. Beer at 1991 prices helped loosen some lips.
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  • God Fodder at the Fox Hole, 12/26/09
    A slew of punk bands, including locals God Fodder, played a cancer benefit show at the Fox Hole at Atomic Cowboy the day after Christmas, and photographer Egan O'Keefe brings back these photos of the chaos.
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  • Jimmy Kuehnle's Inflatable Suit Walk in St. Louis
    Performance artist Jimmy Kuehnle walks through downtown St. Louis on December 18. Photographer Nick Schnelle documented his trip.
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  • Pitbull at Home Nightclub, 12/19/09
    Miami-based rapper Pitbull came to Home Nightclub and photographer Nick Schnelle brings back these photos from the party.
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  • "Sexy Santas" at Sol Lounge (NSFW)
    From RB Promotions' "Sexy Santa '09" party on December 19, 2009 at Sol Lounge in Midtown -- Some Santas are sexier than others. All photos by Jon Gitchoff.
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  • El Monstero at the Pageant, 12/18/09
    El Monstero, a Pink Floyd tribute act, played the first of its six-show run in St. Louis on Friday at the Pageant. Read the concert review here. Photos by Jason Stoff.
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