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  • Nightlife: Cardinals vs. Cubs
    The Cardinals play the Cubs. On the Fourth of July. They are playing for first place. Jim Edmonds is there, but (gasp!) he is now a Cub. There is a lot of Busch beer drinking, mostly poured from 24-ounce cans. God Bless America. Roving photographer Jason Winkeler was in the bars, outside the...
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  • Warped Tour St. Louis: The Bands
    Here's a sampling of the bands that took to the stages at Warped Tour on Tuesday. Photos by Annie Zaleski and Anna Genoese. Photos of the Pinker Tones, Jack's Mannequin, The Pink Spiders, Cobra Starship and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster.
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  • The Fashion of Warped Tour St. Louis
    Shutter-shades, neon, off-center belt buckles, street wear, lots of accessories, cowboy boots, a few local band t-shirts. Some fine specimens of STL fashion courtesy of Annie Zaleski and Anna Genoese.
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  • Dream Girls USA Pageant: The Contestants
    These portraits by Jennifer Silverberg document the contestants in the Dream Girls USA Pageant.
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  • Life's Rich: Dream Girls USA Pageant
    Young girls wearing long, formal dresses with satin sashes, their crowns speckled in rhinestones, scurry to the bathroom to check themselves in the mirror one last time. They hover between panic and exhilaration in their Cinderella-wear. Mothers, too, are frenzied and, of course, doting. Soon,...
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  • RFT Month in Photos: June 2008
    Some of the best photography by RFT staff photographer Jennifer Silverberg and our freelance crew.
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