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  • Top 61 Concert Photos of 2008
    61 photos from the shows of 2008. Know that these photos will make you long for the hot days of summer music festivals instead of freezing rain.
    61 images
  • Top 20 RFT Covers of 2008
    The top 20 covers of the Riverfront Times from 2008.
    20 images
  • Santarchy 2008, St. Louis, 12/20/08
    Get a couple dozen Santa Clauses. Let them loose in the streets and bars of St. Louis, handing out presents and good cheer.
    37 images
  • The Faint at the Pageant, St. Louis, 12/12/08
    Photos from the Faint concert on December 12, 2008 at the Pageant. All photos by Todd Owyoung.
    24 images
  • In Flames at the Pageant
    Masters of melodic death metal, Sweden's In Flames, at the Pageant on December 9, 2008. Photos by Todd Owyoung.
    40 images
  • St. Louis Music - R.I.P.
    St. Louis Music, the company that made Ampeg, Crate and Alvarez guitar amps, was bought out last year. A concert Saturday at the Kat Club will honor the company. Here a few of the artists who rocked SLM gear over the years. All photos by Mark Gilliland.
    18 images