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  • Best Of St. Louis Music
    Selected artists, DJ's and bands who were picked by RFT writers and editors as the best in the Lou. A full list of winners is at
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  • The Best Of Ninjas
    Just like the rest of us, nunchuck-swinging girl ninjas have to go to the market, city hall, and the courthouse. They also like to go out drinking, see a live show and shop once in a while. An RFT Best Of photo gallery by Jennifer Silverberg.
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  • Royce da 5' 9" at the Gramophone, 9/22/08, St. Louis
    Detroit's Royce Da 5' 9" performed Monday night at the Gramophone on Manchester with Kid Vishis. Local openers included Rockwell Knuckles, Family Affair, Kenny Knox, Gotta Be Karim and Black Spade, among others.
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