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  • St. Louis' Opening Day in Photos
    Despite the rain, St. Louisans stuck it out for the first game of the 2008 St. Louis Cardinals season -- until the rain came heavier than hooves of Budweiser Clydesdales. Included: People dancing to "Cotton-Eyed Joe," Fredbird and people being interviewed about why they're all wet.
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  • British Seapower on March 29 in St. Louis
    The Billiken Club, nestled in the basement of Saint Louis University's Busch Student Center, has gained a reputation for hosting stellar indie and rock bands -- for free -- over the past few years. On Saturday, March 29, stars-on-the-verge British Seapower took to the tiny stage at SLU.
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  • St. Louis' Month In Photos, March 2008
    A look back at photos that have appeared in the Riverfront Times and at in the past month.
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  • STL Flicks: Graffiti and Street Art
    What's that painted on the wall as you speed by on the Metro Link, in your car or on the bus? These submitted photos show the close-ups.
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  • Lovely Ladies of Lollapalooza
    Over the August 3rd weekend, Lollapalooza stormed into Chicago. Unfortunately, the storm was literal as rain pounded Grant Park on Saturday. The horrible weather didn't last, and these lovely ladies dressed for fun in the sun prove that. ALL PHOTOS BY LAURA JUNE KIRSCH See More From...
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  • Behind the scenes at St. Louis Fashion Week
    Go inside the Lumiere Place Casino on Wednesday, March 26, 2008. Photos are from back stage and from the VIP area at the runway show.
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  • The ins and outs of vintage fashion in St. Louis
    In honor of St. Louis Fashion Week, we go behind the counter at Rag-O-Rama to see what sells and what stinks in the hip world of vintage clothing. A men's version of the fashion game may come around if the masses call for it.
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  • The St. Louis punks on Easter
    Even punks and metal heads celebrate Easter. Through a lot of beer drinking, skateboarding and giving the middle finger. Photos taken at a warehouse punk show in South St. Louis.
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  • Oppenheimer at the Bluebird, live on KDHX-FM in St. Louis
    Oppenheimer, a Northern Ireland duo touring the U.S., stopped Sunday, March 23, 2008 in in St. Louis for performances on KDHX-FM and at the Bluebird club in west Downtown.
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