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  • Final Night at Rue 13
    Washington Avenue said goodbye to Rue 13 with one last hurrah on Saturday, September 29th, 2012. Photos by Jon Gitchoff
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  • Tennis at Off Broadway
    Yacht pop band Tennis brought its fairy tale backstory to Off Broadway last night in support of sophomore release Young & Old. St. Louis' masterful Spectator opened and Kansas City's Making Movies (which has South American roots) were also on the bill. Photos by Theo Welling
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  • Best Of® St. Louis Food & Drink 2012
    Selected Best Of® St. Louis 2012 food & drink winners. For the full Best Of® rundown, hop over to
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  • Best Of® St. Louis Music 2012
    Selected Best Of® St. Louis 2012 music winners. For the full Best Of® rundown, hop over to
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  • Rush at Scottrade Center September 22, 2012
    In honor of their 45th birthday, KSHE 95 presented an evening of Rush at Scottrade Center on Saturday, Sept. 22, 2012. Photos by Jon Gitchoff
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  • Fishbone at the Firebird
    Fishbone returned to St. Louis on September 18, 2012 at the Firebird. Opening the show were the Murder City Players and thd Midwest Avengers. Photos by Steve Truesdell for Riverfront Times. See also: - Fishbone at the City Museum (2011)
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  • Famous Szechuan Pavilion
    This week, RFT pays a visit to Jeffrey Plaza eatery Famous Szechuan Pavilion where we gets our spice on. Read the review here. Photos by Jennifer Silverberg.
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  • The Abandoned Forest Park Hospital
    When Nick Zulauf arrived at Forest Park Hospital, 6150 Oakland Avenue -- and closed since May 2011 -- he says he saw a lone police officer at the entrance, seemingly there to keep out the riffraff. Zulauf says he asked if it would be alright to take some pictures of the otherwise abandoned...
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  • Sameem Afghan Restaurant
    This week, RFT reviews Sameem Afghan Restaurant's new home on Manchester Road in the Grove neighborhood. Read the review here. Photos by Jennifer Silverberg.
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  • Select Drawings from Electric Pencil
    Edward Deeds spent most of his adult life, from 1936 until 1973, in the State Hospital No. 3, a mental hospital in Nevada. Sometime during those years he taught himself to draw. His mother brought him colored pencils and someone at the hospital gave him outdated ledger paper. Deeds' drawings...
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  • An Under Cover Weekend 2012
    With Arthur and the Librarian as Simon and Garfunkel, Last to Show First to Go as Neil Young, Dots Not Feathers as Michael Jackson, Palace as ABBA and Via Dove as Aerosmith, held September 8, 2012 at The Firebird, 2706 Olive Street. Photos by Jason Stoff for the Riverfront Times. See Also: -...
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  • Pint Size Bakery & Coffee
    This week, Ian treats his vestigal sweet tooth to Pint Size Bakery & Coffee, Christy Augustin's newish shop on Watson near Chippewa. How did he like it? Read the review here. In the mean time, enjoy these delicious photos by Jennifer Silverberg.
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