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  • Victorian Fetish Ball (NSFW) at Rue 13
    The press release for the 3rd Annual Victorian Fetish Ball -- held Saturday, October 22, at Rue 13 in St. Louis -- promised "a provocative exploration of eroticism allowing people from all walks of life to explore healthy sensuality." Really? we says to ourselves. It goes on to say "the event...
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  • Beggar's Carnivale (NSFW)
    The tenth edition of the Beggar's Carnivale took place at Casa Loma Ballroom in south St. Louis on Saturday, October 22. There was a great turnout, considering the Cardinals were playing in the third game of the World Series. Special guests included the Vagabond Opera from Portland, Oregon. The...
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  • Zombie Walk STL
    While most of the metro area watched Albert Pujols dismantle the Texas Rangers in the World Series Saturday night, countless zombies emerged from their shallow graves and occupied the Delmar Loop, hungry for brains. RFT Photo Intern Savannah Dodd risked life and limb to bring you these photos....
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  • SukkahCitySTL
    The Jewish holiday of Sukkot, which ends tomorrow, is a seven-day harvest festival. As part of the celebration, it's customary to build a little booth called a sukkah, in order to commemorate the huts the Jews were said to have lived in during their 40 years of post-Exodus wandering in the...
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  • The Airliners at Lemmon's
    The local band the Airliners played Lemmons in south city Sunday night. Noses from Wichita, Kansas, shared the bill. RFT Photo Intern Savannah Dodd was there and brought back these pictures.
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  • Bocci Bar
    This week, Ian Froeb visits contemporary Clayton eatery, the Bocci Bar which opened in April. Jennifer Silverberg took these photos of the restaurant and its cuisine. Be sure to check out Ian's review.
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  • GLOW at Koken Art Factory (NSFW)
    Koken Art Factory hosted GLOW, a blacklight party, on Saturday, October 15, 2011. They annual event featured 3 DJs, 2 stages with nude models painted in flourescent paint and, of course, audience participation. Jason Stoff was there and took these pictures.
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  • Warrior Dash St. Louis
    On Saturday, October 15, Warrior Dash invaded Blackhawk Valley Hunting Preserve in Old Monroe, Missouri. Participants race through "3.17 hellish miles" overcoming 12 obstacles with names such as Assassin's Escape, Teetering Traverse, Satan's Steps and Deadman's Drop. Costumes are encouraged....
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  • Widespread Panic at Peabody Opera House
    Jam band Widespread Panic's 2011 tour rolled into St. Louis Wednesday, October 12. Photographer Todd Owyoung was there.
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  • Drums and Fire in Forest Park
    Every Wednesday, a group gathers in the Grand Basin in Forest Park to form a drum circle and play with fire. RFT Photo Intern Savannah Dodd dropped by last week and brought back these pictures.
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  • Sushi at Hiro in the Loop
    This week Ian Froeb reviews Hiro, a new sushi restaurant on Eastgate Avenue just off Delmar Boulevard in the Loop. Jennifer Silverberg took these photos.
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  • Beirut at the Pageant
    The Santa Fe-based band Beirut brought it's indie-pop take on Balkan folk music to the Pageant in St. Louis Sunday, April 9, 2011. Laetitia Sadler opened. Photos by Jason Stoff.
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