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  • Urban Assault Ride 2011
    New Belgium's Urban Assault Ride, a city-wide bicycle scavenger hunt, returned to St. Louis on Sunday, August 21. Participants geared up at Forest Park before trekking across the city for a series of crazy obstacles at different checkpoints. There was also plenty of free beer to keep things...
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  • Lil Wayne and Rick Ross
    The bottom line is this: Lil Wayne gave the fans exactly what they wanted, and the concert was a blast. Whether or not Wayne is the "best rapper alive" (as he claims to be) is still highly debatable, but fans at last night's show should have little doubt that he's one of the best performers...
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  • Katy Perry at the Scottrade Center
    She jumped off the stage, then over fence separating her from the floor seats, and moon walked halfway down the long aisle. Utter pandemonium. She took off at a sprint, then leapt on the back of a masked backup dancer, who carried her, rushing, around the arena, back to the side of the stage,...
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  • Incubus at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
    Incubus and Greek Fire played the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre in St. Louis on Saturday, August 20. Photos by Jason Stoff.
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  • The Party at the Oz
    The bi-weekly bash known simply as "The Party" returned to the Oz on Friday, August 19. Hosted by Tyler Konersman, guest DJs Billy Brown and Nick Hill spun their sounds until the sun came up. Photos by Lee Harris.
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  • Blink 182 and My Chemical Romance
    Even after a particularly rowdy My Chemical Romance stirred up the almost berserker crowd (88 percent of which donned T-shirts supporting one of the two headliners), Blink 182 was still the loudest performance this side of the Richter scale. Songs such as "Feeling This," the perfect opener for...
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  • Gut Check's Favorite St. Louis Dishes: 100 - 76
    In case you didn't know, Gut Check is counting down their 100 Favorite St. Louis Dishes over on the RFT food blog. We'll be periodically recapping those posts into slideshows for your convenience. First up: dishes 100 to 76.
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  • Adobe Reds in Midtown
    I order my stacked enchiladas Christmas-style and with the fried egg. For the meat I choose pork, which is smoked over pecanwood, another hallmark of New Mexican cuisine. It's a colorful dish: The egg yolk quivering atop the enchiladas is a shade that's closer to orange than yellow, and both...
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  • Dead Prez at the Firebird
    Dead Prez played the Firebird on Monday, August 15. The night also featured Tef Poe and Rockwell Knuckles, Earthworms and the League of Extraordinary Gz. Photos by Jason Stoff.
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  • Taylor Swift at the Scottrade Center
    Up close, Swift looks younger and tinier than even her music videos make it seem, and her Leann Rimes vibe would be more distinct if it weren't for completely balls-out showmanship and a prissy princess stage persona. Swift clearly adores her crowd, many members of which spent the entire night...
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  • London Calling 5 Year Anniversary Party
    St. Louis partygoers poured into the Gramophone to celebrate London Calling's fifth anniversary on Saturday, August 13. The packed house brought the ruckus and made this a bash to remember. Photos by Lee "Tutu" Harris.
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  • RFT Music Party at Off Broadway
    To celebrate the renaming of the RFT Music blog, we hosted a bash at Off Broadway on Saturday, August 13th. The Event featured Ra Cailum, Rats & People Motion Picture Orchestra, Bruiser Queen and Kentucky Knife Fight. Photos by Jason Stoff.
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