Inside Mission Taco in the Delmar Loop

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The tacos offered at Mission Taco, from left to right, are: napoles (roasted cactus, poblano, caramelized onion, goat cheese, roasted jalapeno salsa); roasted duck (shredded chile-roasted duck, crisp pork belly, avocado serrano sauce); Mofu tofu (chile grilled local tofu, avocado, arugula, ancho barbecue sauce, grilled onions); carne asada (grilled flank steak, baby arugula, creamy avocado serrano sauce, queso fresco); Yucatan chicken (achiote marinated chicken, pickled onion, fiery arbol salsa, queso fresco); Cochinita pibil (achiote marinated pork shoulder, slow roasted in banana leaf with pickled onion and ancho barbecue sauce); Baja fish tacos (wood grilled or fried, chipolte baja sauce, cabbage, pico de gallo, queso fresco); beef brisket birria (slow-roasted brisket, pork belly carnitas, avocado, fiery arbol sauce). Shown with grilled-vegetable quinoa and roasted street corn.

Next time someone tells you St. Louis is hopelessly behind the latest national food and restaurant trends — this someone will almost certainly offer as his proof our continued fetishization of the cupcake (and he will have a point) — direct him to Mission Taco Joint in the Delmar Loop.

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Photos by Jennifer Silverberg for the RFT.

Published on May 6, 2013